Trip of a lifetime in Carribean - Turks and Caicos islands

With the beautiful islands of the TCI archipelago as our backdrop, and the wealth of knowledge our non-transient guides and staff have to offer, there can be little wonder that the Big Blue Collective experience is one that is highly sought after by guests to the TCI. Today, we’re giving you a little look into exactly what makes the Big Blue Collective experience so unique- and how it will help you craft memories of the TCI that will linger with you forever.

We enter the unknown- and take you with

There’s a dazzling amount of things to do in the TCI. In fact, we often say you can’t just visit the Turks and Caicos once… you’ll find yourself drawn back and back to these mysterious, unique islands to experience everything they have to offer. That’s where the Big Blue Collective guest experience really shines- our experienced dive team and many of our supporting staff literally do call this area home. You won’t find yourself with instructors or guides who’ve been in the area only at the heights of the tourist season, you’ll be diving under the watchful eye of people who’ve been at home in the islands since the 80s and beyond. Every hurricane, dolphin encounter or new sight that’s found they’ve experienced and lived through, leaving them able to give you a true insider perspective on what it means to be an Islander, how tourism interacts with the environment around you, and where all the best sights and experiences of the season can be had.

This insider knowledge has helped shape the tours and experiences we offer guests intimately too. We’re the only dive team offering all 5 dive sites for the area, both on-and-off the beaten track, for example. We know the secrets of the uninhabited islands, and where the TCI’s animals love to frolic. In short, we know how to help you experience the very best of the islands no matter how long your stay here with us will be.

All the fun, all the time

That’s not to say we know how to get under your feet! The whole point of your vacation here in the TCI is to have fun- whatever that means to you. You could be an avid lover of water sports, wanting to be in the water every moment of the day. Or maybe a relaxed week of beaches, cool drinks and hot sun does it for you. Perhaps you’re chomping at the bit to get exploring the picturesque historical sights of the islands, or keen to meet her wildlife up close and personal. Maybe you’re freshly married, and looking to spend a romantic sunset together in idyllic privacy.

In short, we care what makes the perfect holiday for you. However you define fun, and however you want to have it, we have the tools and knowledge to help you craft the ultimate destination experience in the TCI, you way, all the way.

Our guests make the experience

Enjoying the TCI isn’t about Big Blue Collective- it’s about you. Every visitor to the island, and every client who charters a boat or takes a lesson with us, brings their very own unique sparkle to the islands. It’s why we do what we do, after all! Your unique energy and experience help us bring dreams to life, and makes our dreams come true in turn. Nothing makes us happier than watching our clients embrace this wonderful corner of the world as their own, exploring her secrets and enjoying her radiance the way we do. We can truly state that not one guest experience is ever like the other- every visitor brings their own unique touch to the trip.

The world’s most unique destination

From the haunting, uninhabited heights of the South-East Caicos banks to the bustling hard of Grand Turk, there’s nothing like the TCI. Where else in the world do you find unspoiled, barely populated Caribbean beaches right alongside rugged and windswept mangrove swamps? The dazzling variety of life and experiences in this unique corner of the world help shape an experience like no other- once you’ve experienced it, you’ll understand why we’re proud to call the TCI our home.

Our fleet

A huge part of the guest experience we shape here at Big Blue plays out on our fleet of charter boats and dive vessels. From the zippy little ‘twins’, Lady Tamra and Little Chill, to the luxuriously appointed decks of the MV Live and Direct who’s seen it all, every one of our boats helps us stay on our toes and keeps you enjoying your time with us. We’re proud to offer one of the biggest and best appointed fleets in the TCI, helping us take you wherever you want to go.

Water sports, activities and exploration…oh my

When you have the perfect setting, a spectacular fleet, and an exceptional batch of visitors, what’s the only thing else that’s needed? If you guessed ‘things to do’, you’re right on the money! Fortunately, you won’t struggle to find things to keep you occupied here. Diving, snorkelling, stand up paddle boarding…if it can be done in the water, we’ll help you do it! And that’s without your private exploration charters, eco tours, kayaking trips and kiteboarding factored in! The TCI can offer ultimate luxury, ultimate adventure, or the perfect blend of both- whichever flavour will make the trip outstanding for you.

All that’s missing from this perfect mix is you! We’re privileged here at Big Blue Collective to help you create a guest experience that you’ll never forget, and we’re looking forward to helping you achieve your TCI dreams today.