The Turks and Caicos may be famous for its diving, but the kayaking and paddleboarding are just as spectacular. If you’re looking for a low key watersports adventure that you will remember forever, this could be the perfect adventure holiday for you. The Big Blue Collective has decades of experience on the islands, so we know all the secret backwaters and best vistas to make the trip of a lifetime come true. Keen to know more? Keep reading!

Head out on a low key watersports adventure

There’s a common perception that adventure holidays can only be for the ultra-fit and daring. That couldn’t be further from the truth. While participating in any sport will need a basic level of fitness, and while water sports will need you to be comfortable in the water, you don’t need to be a marathon runner to enjoy kayaking and paddleboarding. They are remarkably accessible sports that can be enjoyed by almost anyone, including older children. 

Combined with the pristine landscapes and teeming marine life of the Turks and Caicos, there’s no better way to experience the beauty of nature and its spectacular wildlife. 

What is the difference between kayaking and paddleboarding? 

Kayaking is similar to canoeing, although there are a few differences. While you need to kneel in a canoe, you can actually sit in a kayak, and will use the double-headed paddle to move through the water with slow, steady strokes that alternate sides. 

Paddleboarding, by contrast, sees you balanced on the back of a small surfboard. You will use a small pole to slowly propel yourself through the water.

While both sound similar, it’s worth giving both a try. That goes double if you’re looking for a nature adventure! While paddleboarding you have a near-unprecedented ability to look down on the marine life flitting through the crystal clear water below. It’s a vantage point few are gifted, and the perfect way to enjoy the antics of the schools of fish as well as spot rays lazily undulating through the water. You may even see a lemon shark or two!

Kayaking brings you another spectacular and rarely-seen way to enjoy nature’s bounty. Your unique position, so low to the water, allows you to experience the channels and sea in a way few humans ever get to, a literal animal-eye view of the banks and birdlife soaring overhead. It’s a magic that has to be experienced to be understood, and no one should miss out on this spectacular opportunity. 

Where will my adventure holiday take me?

With these two simple ways to explore the exceptional Turks and Caicos waters, the world is your oyster. No one should miss out on the pristine marine mangrove channels and their hidden secrets. These shallows and wetlands play home to a vast diversity of wildlife. Turn a corner in a seemingly impenetrable wetland, and find a heartachingly gorgeous pool to play in. Watch birds soar and dive overhead as sharks flit below. Let the magic of nature soothe your soul and rejuvenate your spirit. 

Taking a paddleboard out to the reefs offers an unparalleled view of the marine life below, and offers a fun alternative to snorkelling trips (although you should definitely enjoy them too). 

What do I need to pack for the trip?

A reef-safe sunscreen and plenty of hydration are a must on the water. It’s surprising how intense the heat can get with the sun’s reflection on the water. You may want to bring sunglasses for the same reason, but make them a wraparound or water-rated brand so they don’t get lost. 

We place a great emphasis on safety, so a life vest will be part of the trip too. While the flat and warm waters of the Turks and Caicos are generally safe, there can be some currents in the narrow channels between the cays. They only surface at tide change, but it’s worth being mindful of them.  

Incredible kayaking and paddleboarding locations in the Turks and Caicos

The Turks and Caicos are two island groups, with the deep channel running in-between. The Turks side of the islands is perfect for open water kayaking. The Caicos side, however, has spectacular mangrove wetlands that every visitor should explore. There’s also a complex coastline that offers an infinite number of secret coves and empty beaches to enjoy. Every day will be a unique adventure. While many visitors enjoy the gorgeous vistas of Leeward and Mangrove Cay, we’re also able to help with trips to more remote locations and some of the uninhabited islands. 

Ramsar Nature Reserve, lying along the south coast of North Caicos, Middle Caicos, and East Caicos, covers beautiful channels and provides a haven for birdlife on the island. There’s also the easy-to-access Frenchman’s Creek Nature Reserve on the West coast of Provo, providing spectacular paddling opportunities. 

However, it’s impossible for us to tell you one specific location. The overwhelming beauty of the back islands will woo you within minutes, and we guarantee you’ll find a special spot or four of your own on your adventures. Each trip is a unique adventure unlike any other, and you’ll fall in love with the islands over and over again.

Are you ready for a low key watersports adventure that showcases the very best of nature? The Big Blue Collective team is always here to help you make the most of your stay on our beautiful islands. Don’t you think it’s time to get planning the adventure holiday of a lifetime?