Carribean diving has long been synonymous with beauty, luxury and fun. In the sometimes heavily populated Greater Caribbean holiday areas, however, you may have previously felt too shy or like dive opportunities were too crowded to jump in the water as a learner, especially if you’ve never dived before. The gorgeous Turks and Caicos have always been the perfect location for a trainee diver, with small group diving the name of the game and the island never choking under crowds-  but with the current lull in global travel, it’s the perfect time to get under the water too. Today, the Big Blue Collective takes a closer look at exactly why

One-on-one diving lessons with the Big Blue Collective

Scuba diving is a versatile, rewarding sport that will open up previously unknown vistas wherever you travel. A cornerstone of the Big Blue Collective’s water sport offerings, it’s also a surprisingly easy to learn field. People are often too intimidated by the complex-looking gear, and wrongly assume they won’t be able to join in the fun. Many different people, of all ages, body types and sizes can access the sport, and almost everyone, young or old, can learn to dive. You should be comfortable in water, swim confidently, and have some level of basic physical fitness. If you have any medical conditions, of course, it’s best to chat them over with an expert, but don’t assume you are limited from learning before you hear from the experts!

Of course, diving is still a sport, so there will always be some inherent risk, but these are greatly reduced by ensuring you learn with a dive school that puts your welfare front and centre of the learning process. The Big Blue Collective has always put safety first, and 2020 is no different. We’re a PADI-certified dive school, and specialised in small group diving and one-on-one diving lessons long before COVID-19 made them essential to the industry. You’re sure to find an instructor you gel with among our fantastic lineup of knowledgeable pros, too.

How do I learn to dive?

One you enroll in one of our dive programs, you’ll learn key diving guidelines, get familiar with your gear and how to check it, as well as everything you need to use it properly, and even learn some basic troubleshooting, too. With this on board, you’ll be able to react smartly in the water no matter what, so a snag or glitch will never freak you into a dangerous reaction. Everyone’s first step in learning to dive is getting their PADI Open Water certification- which will allow you to dive throughout your life and hone your skills however you want.

There’s a little bit of book-learning to do for this certification, but you’ll be able to knock off the theory part of the course before you arrive in the TCI. Not only does this allow you to stay socially distant within your comfort zone and learn the way you love, it means you can jump straight into pool training on arrival. 4 open water dives later, you’ll be certified. We always do certification through one-on-one diving lessons, ensuring you get maximum attention and make satisfying progress in every session. 

How equipped (and how seasoned) do I need to be?

Scuba is a sport where you need to rely on your gear, so if you’re planning to get into the sport long-term, we highly encourage you to invest in your own gear. Whether you rent or own, you should be sure the gear you use is well-maintained, and ensure it’s well-fitting each and every time you want to head into the water. Never accept sub-standard gear because you’re in a rush. For our beginners courses, we include a safe (and sanitized)  set of scuba gear in your course fee, ensuring you can try out the sport thoroughly before you commit. 


The Big Blue Collective has long believed that the TCI is the very best place in the world to learn to dive. Wind, water and weather are all so gentle, perfect for a new diver to take their first few dives in a non-confrontational setting, and who wouldn’t fall in love with the natural beauty here? Our waters are also super-unique in that you will find almost every type of dive site here. Inland holes, dramatic walls, wrecks, spectacular wildlife playing on the reefs… everything you could want to please your heart. It’s the perfect way to see exactly what type of dives you most enjoy, which will help you refine your choice of global diving spots as you grow in the sport. We can guarantee you’ll come back to the TCI again and again, however!

Between the stable, warm waters and the quality instruction on offer, the TCI has always been a superlative place to learn to dive. Now, with the Big Blue Collective’s decades of experience managing small group diving, one on one diving lessons on offer from skilled instructors and less crowds than ever due to global COVID travel restrictions, there’s no better time to learn to dive. Earn your Caribbean diving wings in peace and quiet, cradled by the spectacular beauty of the TCI.

Keen to get started? Why not get in touch with the Big Blue Collective’s expert dive team today?