Best place for winter sun in the Carribean

Baby, it’s cold outside! With the festive season tantalisingly close, and the weather turning colder outside your window, you may be looking for a little fun in the sun to warm your bones. While we at the Big Blue Collective are always going to be partial to our very special corner of the world, the Caribbean is packed with fantastic destinations to let you get a golden tan this winter- here’s what you need to know!

Of course, there’s never really a bad Caribbean island to visit at this time of year (though we still say the TCI in winter is the best). Resorts? Check. Golf Courses? Check. Duty-free malls? Check. Sand, sea and surf a-plenty? Check. That said, they all have their individual draw cards that could make for the perfect holiday your way. Push away those winter blues with sparkling turquoise seas, and get out the bikinis and Bermuda shorts- sun, here you come!

  1. Barbados

Adrenaline and adventure, just waiting for you! Perhaps best known for its surfing, Barbados has lively waters that aren’t the best for other water sports, but will thrill your heart on a board. There’s also a thriving food culture here to tantalise your palette and keep you excited. Flavours are big, bold and exciting. ‘Be sure to enjoy the bitter-sweet Mount Gay Rum too if you’re a liquor connoisseur. Thrumming calypso beats will make you want to stand up and dance, and a thriving nightlife in the towns will let you do just that. In Barbados, the party doesn’t stop until you drop. There’s a huge passion for sports here, a nightlife vibe that’s rare to find in other parts of the Carribean, and even some gorgeous architecture to check out. 

Barbados is the easternmost island in the Carribean, and has a fascinating blended culture. Holding tight to some British traditions, they love their afternoon tea and horse racing. Yet you’ll find Caribbean and West African vibrancy, sugar cane and rum, and beach culture aplenty.

Explore the national parks, surf your heart out, and dance all night in Barbados this holiday season.

2. Jamaica

There’s a reason Jamaica holds it’s spot as the quintessential Carribean island. Here there’s resorts aplenty, and if you’re one for crowds and making new friends, this is the perfect time of year for it. This is the birthplace of reggae, and home of jerk chicken. It’s big and bold, from the beautiful beaches to the spectacular parks with gushing waterfalls.

If you’re thinking a trip to Jamaica is passe, think again. This is the home of creamy beaches, rugged blue mountains and gorgeous seas. Jamaica’s big, so it’s tough to take in on one trip- but you have a staggering selection of things to do, for sure. Go to Negril for the beaches, Montego Bay for the golf and Ocho Rios for the adventure. There’s spectacular surfing at Boston Beach, or you can head out on an adventure hike through the Blue Mountains. In short, this bustling heart of the Caribbean has a little bit of something for everyone. If you’re not really into adventure, you can play it safe, but there’s excitement aplenty if you’re happy to step out of your comfort zone too. For those of you who prefer a comfortable and familiar vacation experience, many resorts are packed with creature comforts.

Head to Jamaica for the original party spirit, and experience the heart of the Carribean this winter.

3. The Turks and Caicos

We’re not biased, we swear! The Turks and Caicos really is one of the best Caribbean islands to visit this winter. Why? Well, winter in the TCI is peak season, primarily as the weather is a few degrees cooler and more appealing than the summer highs. The water is perpetually warm, and gorgeously blue, at this time of year, and the soft beach sand appealing without burning. The steady trade winds are both predictable and reliable, meaning you can play on the water in almost any sport you want- kiteboarding, stand up paddle boarding…you name it, it’s here. 

Yet, despite the ‘peak season’ designation, the TCI in winter is also a lot quieter than the hustle-and-bustle of other Caribbean destinations, and you won’t be choked out by the crowds. Genuine, blissful relaxation awaits you in one of the island’s many private villas-for-rent, or you can head to the all-in-one fun of the resorts. Grace Bay beach, possible Provo’s best known, was recently voted one of the best in the world by Tripadvisor, but it’s far from the only beautiful beach here- and there’s a chance you could be one of only a few (if any) others enjoying it! Sip cocktails as the sun sets, and soak in the tranquillity.

There’s many islands in the TCI chain, and not all of them are inhabited. Amid romantic ruins from the TCI’s past as a salt-farming nation, you’ll find pristine, unspoilt views, remarkable wildlife and some of the best eco-friendly tourism around. Drink in the beauties of the lush back-islands, then head out into the water to experience the world’s third-largest coral reef for yourself. This is also the season of the great whale migration, allowing you to spot these fantastic mammals at play.

No matter what you want from your winter holidays, the Turks and Caicos have it all.

Fun in the Sun awaits

No matter where you roam in the Caribbean this holiday season, you’re sure to find some gorgeous sun and plenty of fun. The Big Blue Collective looks forward to welcoming you to the Turks and Caicos this winter!