best place to kite surf in 2020

If you’re looking for the best kitesurfing around, then kitesurfing in the TCI simply has to make your bucket list! But maybe you’d claim we were biased! The Big Blue Collective is proud to be associated with this top kitesurfing destination, and today we’re here to prove exactly why. Some of the very best kitesurfing in the world lies in the Turks and Caicos. Combined with a host of other spectacular experiences awaiting you, this unique island chain simply has to be on your bucket list. So, without further ado, let’s look a little deeper at kitesurfing in the TCI, and the best kitesurfing destinations for 2019 and 2020.

1.Long Bay

We bet you were surprised we didn’t put Grave Bay first! Don’t worry, the TCI’s most famous kitesurfing spot still makes the list, too. However Long Bay offers you a destination just slightly more off the beaten track, yet lies only 5 minutes from Grace Bay and her bustling tourist infrastructure. The Easterly Trade Winds here give perfect conditions for those learning the art of kitesurfing in the TCI, soft white sand surrounds you, and the water is super-shallow. So if you’re new to kitesurfing, there literally couldn’t be a better destination to try your hand. The water is also incredibly flat come low tide. Yet Long Bay has no overcrowding and remains little known, guaranteeing you a quiet moment or two on the water too. 

2. Turtle Tail Beach

Are you a more experienced kitesurfer? Then here’s the perfect kitesurfing destination for you! Turtle Tail lies along a section known for its luxury private residences, so the area is not only picturesque but also secluded and quiet. There’s several small beaches throughout the area, including the well-known ‘Little Five Quays’ of Bristol, Bird Egg, Dick Penn and more. This is a spot that will test out your kiteboarding skills, as it’s one of the few areas of the TCI where the beaches are not so forgiving. Sharper limestone fronts the shore, so this is the perfect locale for the advanced kiteboarder looking for something different.

3. Grace Bay Beach

Of course, Grace Bay Beach was going to make our list of best kitesurfing destinations in the TCI! With it’s close proximity to everything Provo has to offer, it’s a bustling spot with some of the most attractive beachfront in the area. It’s a step-up in difficulty from Long Beach Bay, so the perfect testing ground for the confidant novice kitesurfer. The water is deeper, so needs upwind and overhead water launching skills, and the average day may convince you it’s always flat. Just wait until the Northeast Wind systems work their magic, however, and you’re looking at one of the best kiteboarding destinations in the world. Chop-hop to your heart’s content, and be sure to head out to the magic spot too. When there’s a swell, the barrier reef a mile off-shore brings a magical nature to the experience. The North Shore reef also offers even the most jaded kiteboarder a challenge they’ll love. This will need some boat support, however. 

4. Chalk Sound

Chalk Sound is another perfect kitesurfing destination for the experienced rider. You’ll be playing among some of the most exquisite blue water in the world, and Chalk Sound National Park beckons you. This is a natural lagoon comprising of hundreds of tiny rocky islands lapped by exquisite sea. It will test your launch skills sorely, but you’ll be riding in an absolutely dreamy location, so it’s well worth the time.

5. Leeward Going Through and surrounds

Practically synonymous with nearby Emerald Point, the Leeward Going Through area near Provo is another of our best kitesurfing experiences in the TCI. Nearby Half Moon Bay Lagoon, with its flat waters, is a favourite with local kiters, and Little Water Cay also lies close at hand. Leeward Going Through itself does serve as a major entrance to Blue Haven Marina and Heaving Down Rock Marina, so it’s best not to linger too long in the navigational routes and instead pick yourself a destination for the day. Stick near Half Moon Bay to experience some of the best wind conditions in the area. 

6. The West Coast

Are you looking for a true challenge? Does natural beauty entice you? Then this may be the best kitesurfing spot in the world for you, never mind in the TCI! This is a wild and remote area of the islands, so it helps to have a knowledgeable local guide on hand if you want to get the best (and safest) experience here. While the perfect Western winds are rare, when they come they are something truly special. Do avoid offshore winds here, however, as you have the risk of being pulled into deeper water. For the experienced kiter, however, the magic of this quiet area cannot be beaten. 

These are just some of the best kitesurfing spots in the Turks and Caicos, but there are many, many more. With our full fleet available for private charter, ensuring you always have a skilled and knowledgeable support team at your disposal, why not come and experience some of the best kitesurfing in the world for yourself, and let the Big Blue Collective help shape you a kitesurfer’s dream holiday today?