private socially distanced fun holiday

We’re finally free to travel once again. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a quick weekend break right now, or hopeful of a luxurious Christmas holiday with the family, you’re probably starting to look for a chance to get away from it all. How can you travel and have fun on holiday without placing yourself or your loved ones at risk? The Big Blue Collective takes a look at how to balance health and play and still enjoy your holiday. 

Plan your destination smartly

One of the first things you can do to stay safe on your holidays is plan smartly. Head to areas with low rates of infection, as well as places that are free from the thronging crowds. This means not only are you less likely to encounter a dangerous virus ‘hotspot’, you also won’t have tons of people around you who could be acting as asymptomatic carriers. Here’s where a snorkelling holiday to the Caribbean- most specifically the TCI- could be the best thing in the world. Not only are the Turks and Caicos sparsely populated and free from the typical tourist crowds, but we’ve been declared free from infection too, so we’re one of the safest possible holiday destinations around. 

Keep your accommodation safe without spoiling the experience

Supermodel Naomi Cambell was famous for some very ‘eccentric’ travel habits, including meticulously cleaning her aeroplane seat every time she travelled. It’s time to embrace your inner supermodel! We all have our own comfort levels, and we all have our own health to worry about too. If you are worried about aspects like having a resort room serviced by staff who could cough on a surface, or you simply find yourself feeling more and more uncomfortable among others, the Turks and Caicos offer you the perfect solution.

The Big Blue Collective is super proud of our extensive network of private villa rentals, offering you the perfect chance to spoil yourself while also creating a private ‘bubble’ to ensure you’re always completely in control of your exposure to others throughout your holiday.

Remember technology

Technology offers us a fantastic way to bridge the gap in human contact left by social distance. Smart apps and email allow you to pre-plan your holiday, keeping the need to converse with people up close to a minimum. With our concierge service on hand, you’ll be able to plan every detail you wish of your holiday long before you step foot on the island. Not only will it help you keep your social distance, but it’s also super-convenient and will take a weight off your mind too! You can enjoy your holiday from the very first step, hassle-free.

Take to the water

If you’re heading to the islands for your holiday, there’s even better news- yacht charter in the Turks and Caicos couldn’t be simpler, either. We offer a fully kitted fleet (often called the best in the islands), and there’s a boat to suit your every need. From luxury cruising the water, to an active holiday packed with snorkelling and diving, you’re sure to find the right boat for your family.  With a yacht charter, the Turks and Caicos is your oyster, and you can go where you please, as you please. With our skilled helmsman to ensure you get the very best from the experience, you can look forward to a water experience free from others and fully social distancing compliant, without sacrificing a jot of style and sophistication, nor losing out on any experiences. 

Pick your activities smartly

Part of the allure of snorkelling holidays in the Caribbean has always been the staggering clarity of the water. Even merely looking down is enough to dazzle you with the flitting shapes of colourful fish, rays and even tiny sharks. The Turks and Caicos offer a bounty of snorkelling experiences you will never replicate anywhere else. After all, we even have the third-largest barrier reef in the world! While the reef is a massive drawcard for those who love snorkelling, it’s also far from the only beauty site the still, warm waters of the TCI have to offer you. Flit along the edges of the banks, exploring all the islands’ secrets for yourself. Explore the Caicos Cays between Leeward and North Caicos for a tantalizing glimpse into life underwater. Or team your snorkelling trip up with yacht charter in the Turks and Caicos, and go where your whims take you. From half-day exploration to full-day adventure, we offer some of the most dramatic (and simply gorgeous) snorkelling holidays the Caribbean can offer- you won’t believe the pristine nature and lapping water until you experience it for yourself!

Staying safe, having fun

While snorkelling the Caribbean and cruising the waters on a private yacht may be two of the most iconic (and socially distant) activities you can find on the Turks and Caicos, they’re far from the only thrilling fun awaiting you here. From flying over the waves kiteboarding to diving the island’s many secret spots and exploring her back islands on our iconic eco-tours, the Turks and Caicos (and the Big Blue Collective) are perfectly placed to help you enjoy the very best of sun, sea and surf. 

We’ve taken great care to train our instructors, helmsman and other staff members in only-the-best social distancing protocols, so even if you’re hopping on your private yacht charter or taking your first diving certification, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing we have your back every step of the journey. Combine that with the laid back, friendly locals, the secluded, ‘undiscovered’ privacy the TCI can offer compared to other thronging Caribbean locations, the gorgeous private villas, and the spectacular beauty that’s unmatched anywhere in the world. Yup, you have the perfect recipe for a relaxed, socially distant and safe holiday for you and your loved ones. 

The Big Blue Collective is here to make your snorkelling holidays in the Caribbean a reality, no matter what life throws at us. Feel free to get in touch today!