Travelling alone in Turks and Caicos

Travelling solo in the Turks and Caicos: Your one-stop ultimate guide

Travelling solo is one of the most formative experiences you will ever have. It’s an utterly unique experience which leaves you free to do it all your way, free of compromise or other’s expectations. It can even be a way to re-find yourself in a busy world of deadlines and joy-sapping daily grinds. Yet the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas are seldom sold to the weary solo traveller looking for a way to relax and unwind- and they really should be! Travelling the Turks and Caicos solo is an epic experience everyone should have under their belts- and here’s Big Blue Collective’s top tips on making the most of the experience.

Get to know the real you

Don’t worry, this isn’t the moment we launch into some deeper metaphysics. We mean it very literally. The way to get the most out of solo travel to Provo, or anywhere in the TCI, is to know your likes, wants and dislikes. Do you like to live at the centre of the party? Is it cocktails and heady nights dancing for you? Then rich and vibrant Provo is the destination you need to explore. Are you more of a contemplative type who longs to be out in nature? Then let us craft you the perfect eco-experience so you don’t miss a single inch of the unique natural landscape and vibrant wildlife that makes the TCI so special. Are you a super-active athlete who wants to cram every inch of the day full with sports that challenge your body and mind? Then let’s hit the water together and explore the many sports open to you, rounding it off with some backcountry cycling for variety. Are you keen to embrace the iconic fun-in-the-water that screams ‘Caribbean’, but have never so much as seen a kiteboard, paddle board or canoe? Great news- we have some of the best instructors in the world working for us, and we’re here to help folks of all levels discover the deep passion for kiteboarding, stand up paddle boarding and many more sports that we all share.

In short, plan your solo experience so that you ‘play nicely’ with yourself. Catering to your personal strengths is the key part of crafting the best solo experience possible- and the Big Blue Collective is here to help you create the holiday of your dreams, every step of the way.

Know when to hang with the crowd

Solo travellers are always warned to take a little extra care with their personal safety. It’s great advice, of course! You’ll be glad to know that the TCI is one of the safest destinations in the world, making it a fantastic choice for the solo adventurer. All the same, while you man-made threats are few, you don’t want to get too stuck in the one-man groove either, especially if you are playing on or in the water or exploring the less developed islands. That’s why opting for a Turks and Caicos experience with the Big Blue Collective is so rewarding for those flying solo- you always have a buddy on hand if you hit a sticky patch, feel ill, catch too much sun or need a helping hand, but can still enjoy your alone time too.

We’d advise considering a resort or shared accommodation rather than a private villa if you’re all alone, so you don’t feel lost or isolated too much. As a tour provider, we’re happy to help you find the perfect match for your personality, so don’t be afraid to ask. Come armed with useful numbers, just in case you need them- we’d advise having your accommodations telephone number, and our own, firmly added to your address books in case you need them.

Don’t be afraid to schedule some ‘you time’, though- especially if you already know you love your own company. The TCI is refreshingly free of touts and over-eager ‘helpers’, so you’ll be able to have a fun time exploring the local bars and haunts without practising the polite-but-firm ‘no’ seasoned travellers to other parts of the world get so used to wielding.

Not getting out of your depth- even in the waves

Another great aspect to solo travel in the TCI is how very familiar everything will seem to you. Everyone speaks English fluently, and the U.S dollar is our major currency. We’re a British Overseas Territory with strong links to U.K culture, and much of the local’s daily lives will be completely familiar to you, if slower and a lot more fun! Culture shock won’t come into play, and we guarantee you’ll feel at home immediately. All of the Big Blue Collective’s instruction is carried out in English, so lessons will be easy to access and you’ll have more time to get out and do your thing.

Won’t I feel like I’m missing out?

We’re absolutely certain you won’t. Solo travellers can sometimes feel a little homesick, so it’s important to get into the spirit of your solo adventure. Come ready to snap photos and make the most of every day. Pack your time here with all the things you want to do, free of the need to compromise or listen to others whine and spoil the experience. Get ready to make new friends and explore the edges of your comfort zone in the very best way possible. Bring along devices so you can stay in touch with family and friends along the way- and make them super jealous as you go! Change your mind, go where you will, experience what you want- and all in the super-gorgeous Caribbean surroundings of the Turks and Caicos, where fluffy white beaches, turquoise seas and gorgeous vistas at every turn are the name of the game.

With the Big Blue Collective on-hand to help you make the most of your solo travel in the Turks and Caicos, and your spirit of adventure driving you onward, an epic experience in the Bahamas awaits you!