Best place to go whale watching in the world

One of the most breathtaking and unforgettable experiences of many people’s lives is having the opportunity to spot whales at play. These majestic, incomparable creatures- our mammalian cousins despite their size and habitat- exert a pull on the heart and imagination that’s difficult to describe without being there. Whale watching in the Turks and Caicos is one of the most rewarding experiences possible, as the area is rich with Humpback whales during their annual migration season. Imagine your dive and snorkel trips with a symphonic background of whale song, and you’re well on the way to discovering the magic. Let Big Blue Collective help you to the ultimate whale watching experience in Providenciales today.

Why do whales come to Providenciales?

The reason that whale watching in the Turks and Caicos takes on the spectacular proportions it does is due to where the islands themselves lie in the ocean. Every year Humpback whales migrate between feeding and breeding grounds. This trek is often over 5000 km long, the longest of any mammal on earth! The Humpback is fairly unusual in that it can be found in almost any ocean of the world, but most populations feed over the summer in Antarctica. As the months turn, however, their krill and plankton food supplies run low. They fortunately store extra ‘food’ in the form of blubber, fat layers just below the surface which will provide the energy necessary to sustain them through the next season’s travel. They will then migrate to the warmer waters of the Pacific during the winter months to breed, calve and play. The unique topography of the TCI means they are funnelled into a relatively small area of the sea on their journey, giving you the perfect opportunity for unparalleled whale watching, while the mating season vibe leads to spectacular chin- and tail-slaps, breaching and other display antics from the males.

When is the best time to spot whales on Provo?

Typically, the very first buzz of excitement blooms in November and December, with the first songs and sightings rolling in come late December. The next 2-3 months sees the peak of whale watching in Provo, and makes the season one of the most exciting all around for visitors.

Whale sightings may well be accidental- our fleet is abuzz right from December through the season as returning snorkelers and dive teams report in on where they have spotted the latest signs of activity. The Big Blue Team tend to spot more whales than any other operator in the area, simply because the vast wealth of activities we offer takes us to every corner of the island chain regularly. In the season, one eye is always kept cast on the ocean just in case. As always with these enigmatic creatures, sightings cannot be guaranteed, and the pods tend to pass through in waves- it’s not unusual to have sighting after sighting for a week or two and then hit a lull. The key is simply to be ready to hit the waves at a moment’s notice.

If you’re finding that your trip to Provo isn’t yielding you a lot of sightings, then consider heading out on a day trip to Salt Cay with us. Flat, calm seas and sunny skies make whale spotting easier and typically mark the best days for remarkable encounters- coincidently the perfect weather to sit back, relax and chill with a glass of something cool, too!

Whale watching on Providenciales with Big Blue Collective

Big Blue Collective provides you with the ultimate Humpback whale experience in Provo and the whole TCI, carefully trained under the eye of resident whale expert Philip Shearer. His experience is nothing to be taken lightly- he spent just short of a decade as whale guide in the Aggressor fleet of the late Captain Piers van der Walt, after all. We’re proud to hold ourselves to the high standards of the Silver Banks guidelines [out of the Dominican Republic], a protocol we’ve followed for over twenty years now. This sensitive and gentle approach enables us to help you get closer and more intimate whale encounters than ever. It’s about whale watching, not aggressively chasing the whales. You can read a little more about our approach on this link.

No two experiences with these gentle and mighty mammals are ever alike, which is part of the magic they weave. Without a guide used to the nuances of the whales, however, you may miss out on a critical magic from the experience. With a sensitive, careful approach and respectful team leader, the chances of the whales allowing a more fulfilling encounter are heightened. From jaw-dropping full body breaches to playing with dolphins and even once freeing a whale trapped in a gill net, this approach has facilitated hundreds of unique whale watching experiences in Providenciales with Big Blue. Visitors are inevitably left speechless in awe at these gigantic, thoroughly remarkable animals and their antics. If you’re very lucky, you’ll spot a mother and their calf swimming and playing together, or find yourself surrounded by the whole pod! Each encounter is different, but no less rewarding- it’s one you’ll remember for life. Even the islanders who live in the area never become jaded at the sight of these mighty mammals at play.

If you’re hoping to create the perfect whale watching experience in Providenciales, then why not let Big Blue Collective help you craft the perfect tour designed to give you the ultimate in whale experiences in the TCI?