Keen to try your hand at one of the most exciting, yet easily accessible watersports around? Then kitesurfing in the TCI is perfect for you! Let Big Blue Collective help you make the most of your trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands with an exhilarating kitesurfing experience that will get your blood pumping and leave you wanting more. Explore the breathtaking beauty of this idyllic island setting while challenging your body and feeling the thrill of the waves beneath you- and the wind at your back.

Is kitesurfing in the TCI for me?

Kitesurfing is the ultimate action-adventure sport. Think a combination of parasailing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, skateboarding, windsurfing and sailing, all rolled into one adrenaline-pumping package. You’ll use something like a really small surfboard, using a large and controllable power kite, to shoot across the land and sea, exhilarating your senses and allowing you to experience the vista around you in a powerful, novel way. It’s relatively simple to learn, exciting, and unlike some other popular watersports requires a minimum of equipment for you to experience. While Turks and Caicos welcomes experienced kiteboarders to try their hands at the more skilled terrains, you can even come as a novice- Big Blue Collective will soon have you up and running, just so long as you have a baseline level of fitness and the willingness to learn.

Can you teach me to kitesurf in the TCIs?

New to kiteboarding? That’s no problem! We’ll help you find your wind-legs and get you hooked on a brand new watersport experience. We typically teach from our shore club at Long Bay [provided weather conditions are favourable], but offer inclusive transport from Grace Bay accommodations for you to take advantage of, no matter where we’re teaching, so you’ll find us easily. Start from scratch, or improve your existing skills under the eagle eyes of our expert instructors. Our comprehensive learning program will see you master the basics, gain confidence and learn how to get yourself out of trouble, all while having fun along the way.

Little ones are welcome to learn too. We typically advise a 10-12 year age range to begin learning, as there’s some manual dexterity requiring developed coordination required to full [and safely] embrace the kitesurfing experience. Kitesurfing in the TCI is best for more mature children who are capable of a little independence.

Why kitesurf in the Turks and Caicos?

The TCI is simple to get to, with a hassle-free arrival. Many airlines fly into the international airport, especially from the US continental mainland. Simply pack your gear, hop on a plane and you’re in paradise! If you’re new to kitesurfing in the TCI, there’s many options for you to rent equipment from us and try your hand at this novel sport, so don’t think it’s only for those already in the know, either. The wind in the Turks and Caicos is mostly side- and onshore, with frontal winds dominating in the winter months and trade winds in the summer, making it one of the ultimate kitesurfing destinations in the world.

Why Big Blue Collective?

Come join the most experienced kite boarding team in the TCI! Our home in Provo means you’ll have warm seas, stunning weather, exquisite empty beaches and easy waters to start your trip. From beginner to experienced, you’ll find the perfect spot to play. Use your Big Blue Collective’s guide’s insider knowledge to explore the unique island chain, while their expert instruction coaches you to be the best kitesurfer you can be.

Consider a kiteboard safari in the TCI

In 2013, Big Blue Collective partnered with VELA KiteSurf Resorts, making us their exclusive provider of all things kitesurfing in the Turks and Caicos. Experience the perfect active vacation and all the unique aspects of the Turks and Caicos islands in one perfect package. Tackle a 4 hour safari package or take it a little easier- there’s something for everyone. Tackle a full downwinder experiences, or take it simple on a private tour. You can even head out on a guided boat tour combo. Break away from Long Bay with a trip to the gorgeous waters of Half Moon Bay. Despite lying mere minutes from Provo, the breathtaking setting and superb terrain make for an unforgettable experience.

Feeling bolder? Head on a downwinder that will allow you to explore all of North Caicos. Take the trip from North Caicos to Provo, exploring the mangrove stashes, channels and cays of the Caicos Cays, complete with brisk North Easterner to power the trip. You’ll finish up at Emerald Point, ready to tackle the whole experience again.

Experienced kitesurfers in TCI will want to tackle the Kite Quest. Empty beaches and hidden secrets await, interspersed with unforgettable snorkeling and beach adventures. This isn’t a trip for the novice rider- perfect your deep water launching and self-rescue to fully enjoy this one-of-a-kind kiteboarding experience.

What happens if there’s no wind?

While kitesurfing in the TCI is usually pretty predictable, there’s no need to worry if you get a calm day. We offer a dazzling array of activities to keep you entertained and absorbed, so there’s no fear of a day wasted while you’re in this island paradise. Why not consider trying some stand up paddle boarding to add some extra spice to the trip?

Kitesurfing in the TCI is an experience you simply cannot miss. Make sure to add it to your trip itinerary today, and experience the thrill of playing with the wind and water as you explore one of the most beautiful Caribbean landscapes there is.