Best Covid Free Holiday Destinations

2020 has been an unusual year, and we don’t blame anyone for feeling stressed, tired, and suffering from a strong case of ‘Novemberitis’. Here at the Big Blue Collective, however, we think there’s still good reasons to enjoy a Turks and Caicos vacation without letting the woes of the global health crisis and difficult political and economic times weigh you down. Today we’re going to prove it, too. Here’s just some of the many great reasons to escape from it all and come say hi to the new friends waiting for you in the TCI!

  1. The islands are open- and safe

We were able to reopen our borders to international travel from late July, and we’ve been getting back up to speed (and beyond) ever since. While there are some pandemic precautions you’ll have to consider, the less populated nature of the islands and their status as the Caribbean’s best-kept secret means you won’t have to face the worry of crowds.

  1. Almost everything that’s fun to do is socially distant

Especially with the Big Blue Collective’s focus on small group adventures! There’s literally nothing you’ll miss out on when you vacation in the Turks and Caicos this year, without having to risk your safety or comfort. From hiring a private yacht to kiteboarding or taking a stand up paddleboard into the mangrove channels, snorkelling or diving the reef, everything you’ll do is within the comfort of your own party, just with our experts on hand to guide and help. Since the Turks and Caicos is one of the world’s most exciting wind- and water-sport destinations, the only issue you’ll have is deciding what to do first! 

  1. You can stay away from crowds (and find restful peace) at your private villa

Through our exclusive network, the Big Blue Collective can offer you a range of gorgeous private villa rentals here in the TCI. There’s sure to be one with just the amenities you desire, and each one is not only unique, but utterly spectacular. From beach-front views to private docks, there’s a little bit of everything you could need. Plus you’ll have the peace of mind of being far away from strangers with just your loved ones around you. Whether you’re in the TCI purely for play, or need to squeeze a little work in too, you’ll find first-class amenities here.

  1. We’re going into the best time of year

While it may be a dreary winter and cold for you, it’s not when you vacation in the Turks and Caicos! Winter is our peak season for a reason- the summer heat may be lovely, but it gets a little bit too much at times. In contrast, winter has steady weather, mostly predictable winds, and just the right heat to bake the memory of snow out of your bones. With flat, calm and warm water beckoning you to come in and play, and the sun inviting you to sip a cocktail and bask, you’ll never have a better winter!

  1. Whale-spotting season is close

Talking about seasons, the Turks and Caicos get the best Christmas present every year- the annual humpback whale migration. The sightings of these magnificent beasts increase rapidly over the year-end period, extending into January, and your chance to have the experience of a lifetime is at hand. We hold to very firm ethical encounter guidelines laid down by international whale experts- and this gives us the edge in sightings, too. Why not give yourself the ultimate treat to round out this weird and stressful year? You too could get up close and personal with these remarkable mammals. 

  1. We’re easy to get to

As we mentioned earlier, the Turks and Caicos borders are now open. International airlines were very hard hit by the global health crisis and the fact that many tourist destinations were forced to close their borders to international visitors. That means they’ve been keen to get back up-and-running where possible. You’ve always been able to easily access flights to the TCI from almost everywhere in the world, and nothing has changed- so why not come visit today?

  1. We know how to balance fun and ethics

Did you know that our barrier reef is not only the third-largest in the world, but one of the most pristine? The Turks and Caicos may be a smaller island nation, but we’ve managed to make sure our gorgeous islands stay perfect for future generations through careful ethical tourism. That’s why the Big Blue Collective’s eco-tours have become world-famous. You’re able to experience the untouched beauty of the wild, uninhabited back islands exactly as nature meant them to be seen. Empty beaches beckon you to picnic, while the open sky and lush landscape harken to a time long past. With the Big Blue Collective as your partner in tourism, you can rest confidently knowing we follow the very best principals of minimum-impact tourism.

  1. It will still feel a bit like home

Despite the beauties of our beach destination, the Turks and Caicos still have a little bit of home about them. We’re all English speaking here, and the local currency is the US Dollar. As a British Overseas Territory, we’ve got our own proud history and culture, and aren’t an unstable government or developing nation. We even use the same power outlets and plugs as the Americans! So despite the natural wonders around you, you won’t get homesick or feel stressed about instability in a ‘foreign’ land

With these 8 great reasons to vacation in the Turks and Caicos, there’s only one more thing to ask- what’s stopping you? Winter is always a popular season in the islands, so why not get hold of the Big Blue Collective team today?