Big Blue Collection Tripadvisor Reviews

As a vacation service provider, it matters to the Big Blue Collective that you get the very best experience possible. That’s why we pay careful attention to the Big Blue reviews and other feedback you leave us. While we were rounding out the year with another exciting season of whale watching, we were also taking advice and feedback from your reviews- and here’s just a peek at what they had to say.

The Big Blue experience and you

The Big Blue Collective are no strangers to the tour operator experience. Our operators live on the islands, they don’t transiently move, and this is our home. It’s one of our top goals to share the love and passion we have for the islands with each and every traveller who passes through. We’ve been doing this since 1997, and we’re proud to say we’ve been getting positive Big Blue reviews ever since. Those reviews help us form new ideas for expanding our ideas, experiences and much more.

Exploring the islands and innovating the travel experience has been a key part of the process we use to ensure we offer ever-improving levels of service. That’s why we recently introduced not only a shiny new website and newsletter, but a completely overhauled booking system, to increase your user satisfaction. We’ve also further developed our relationships with our private villa partners, ensuring you have the pick of the crop to select from when you start planning your holiday. And let’s not forget our new concierge and escorted travel services, there to make sure you have an even greater experience on the islands than ever before.

This is our job, but also our passion. That’s why we lie awake at night trying to find new ways to help you experience this beautiful archipelago for yourself. This is why your feedback is so valuable to us, helping us shape the Big Blue experience to be better and better this year.

We also love seeing the fantastic photos you share on Instagram and social media. These glimpses into the fun you’re having keep us waking up every morning looking forward to meeting a new crowd of happy travellers. Do we live up to our goals? We hope so- and your latest Big Blue reviews seem to back that up!

Tripadvisor loves us

We’ve looked before at our Big Blue reviews from Tripadvisor. Tripadvisor has risen in recent years to completely dominate the travel review market, so needless to say it’s important to us to see how people feel about us here. Dominating the travel metasearch industry, Tripadvisor has become a hive of solid user reviews, whether it’s addressing facilities, tour operators or even specific aspects of our tours. When we took a look at the past year’s reviews, we were pleased to see we’re still delivering the same high service to you all. But why trust us? Let’s see what others had to say….


“We had such a great time last year on this tour that we came back for more! It was very easy to book online ahead of time, they picked us up at the resort on time, and away we went for another beautiful trip! The guides were so friendly and informative. It was a very windy day and they gave us options of where we could go for the best experience possible. Annabelle got in the water with us to point out different things on the reef. We saw some nurse sharks and a huge stingray as well as other beautiful fish and sea life. They provided clean equipment, refreshments and were all around great. I will definitely book with them again!”


“What a great way to spend half a day on Provo and see a different side of the Turks and Caicos. We loved the visit to Iguana Island where you can get “up close and personal” with the prolific population of local iguanas. They are everywhere on the island.

In addition to the iguanas, we saw turtles, sharks, upside down jellyfish and numerous other species of wildlife as we ventured through the mangrove swamp.

The guide was top notch and the tour very safe.”


“The best snorkelling tour EVER. My 14 years old daughter joined me on this full day trip. The crew was very professional and the snorkeling spots we visited were absolutely stunning – very healthy coral reef. There were two crew members in the water with us at all times.The water at West Caicos was as clear as it gets. We saw a variety of marine life: dolphins, sea turtles, rays (including manta ray), big moray eel, many reef sharks – one very close :). A trip to remember. Highly recommend.”



Reaching beyond Tripadvisor

Despite Tripadvisor’s dominance of the industry, it’s not the only way you can reach out to us. We have a host of social media options, as does any company in the digital age, and we pay attention to what you tell us there. We’re always thrilled to see the gorgeous photos and footage you have to share, too, just like Youtuber Taygnaz’s footage of their Middle and North island eco-tour with us.

We’re proud to say the Big Blue Reviews on our Facebook page continue the trend of happy travellers. Our reviews there top out at a remarkable 4.9 out of 5 stars.


“Our girls had a blast. Thanks to an awesome staff!”

~Jeff T., who brought his daughters for a kitesurfing lesson

“We had a PERFECT 1/2 day cruise with Annabel and Lee, around the cays, iguana island and snorkeling on the barrier reef. 6 people, a beautiful boat, lovely and knowledgeable guides. Highly highly recommend! “

~Jennifer J.


“We booked a private tour on white sands their 42 cat. We were so happy with our day. It was just what we wanted and captain Phil made it perfect. His mate Cole made sure we were tended to the whole time. We went to a few private island stops that made you feel like you were in the middle of nowhere. Great experience and they made sure of it . I’ve used them several times since visiting the island and every time is better than the next. We are looking forward to our next experience.”
~John S.


“Big Blue was professional, fun, and most importantly, knowledgeable about the T&C. They crafted a plan on the fly based on our priorities, and carried it out with competence and enthusiasm. Definitely check them out if you’re in town.”
~Allison B.

Heading to Instagram for feedback

Judging by our trending hashtags on Instagram, the people in their gorgeous shots of the island are just as happy as they look, too!


Wildandwonderingphoto kept it to a simple “today was unreal”, while kirstenhbusch gifted us some gorgeous photos from the mangrove channels, adding “Paddle boarding through the mangroves was by far our favorite excursion so far…. & yes that is a baby shark in the 3rd pic ”. Sean_basset waxed a little philosophical with “Caught some Kayaking time today with my brother @philipshearer of Big Blue. Always an educational experience about nature and the ocean when hanging with this guy. “Turks and Caicos is a healer. It’s good for the soul” P. Shearer”  while jay_carver offers you all a pro tip: “Ask for Bruce and D if you just so happen to come to the Turks. Tell em the crazy white boys from ATL sent ya!

But you know what? You simply need to see their gorgeous shots for yourself! Why not head over to Instagram and search for the Big Blue Collective. You’ll get tons of gorgeous photos to inspire your holiday planning!

It doesn’t matter where we roamed on the net, we found overwhelmingly positive reviews of our services. As dedicated holidaymakers, we’re always glad to hear we’re getting it right! That’s no excuse to rest on our laurels, of course! With 2020 unrolling ahead of us fast, we’re already dedicated to improving the Big Blue Collective experience to new heights. We look forward to reading your Big Blue review soon!