Turks and Caicos Famous Beaches

What is the Turks and Caicos famous for? It’s probably a question you’ve asked yourself before. It’s easy to miss this smaller island chain when you’re looking at the Caribbean as a whole, but you certainly shouldn’t! Here’s just a few of the things that make the Turks and Caicos famous- and the favourite home of the Big Blue Collective, too!

1. Pristine, gorgeous beaches

Who can forget that Grace Bay Beach was recently voted one of the best in the world? The real secret is that it’s almost impossible to pick between the TCI beaches, however! Soft, white sand, gently swaying palms… each and every TCI beach is a dream. What’s even more unusual, however, is that these gorgeous beaches aren’t thronged with people. In fact, as you venture away from tourist hotspots like Provo and onto the more secluded islands, you may even find that you’re the only one around! So whether sipping cocktails and soaking up the sun is your flavour of fun, or whether you’d prefer a picnic on a quiet beach after a day of exploration, the TCI has it all. 

Grace Bay Beach is the best known of these gorgeous locales. It’s ringed in easily-accessible accommodation, and packed with many of the exciting water sport activities the islands are known for. There’s also the offshore reef just beckoning you to come and play. Don’t forget to stop by Long Bay Beach for the kitesurfing, however, or venture further afield to Sapodilla Bay and North Bay.

2. Some of the most remarkable seas in the world

The sea is a tricky beast- but not in the calm waters of the Turks and Caicos. The island’s unique geography plays a huge role in the spectacular calm of her seas. With much of the island chain sitting on an underwater ‘shelf’, the water just offshore is well known for being calm and flat. Further out, the shelf falls away, allowing spectacular diving drops and deeper water activities.

But the depth isn’t the only thing that makes the Turks and Caicos sea so magnificent. The water temperature here is phenomenally stable, leaving it warm and pleasant the entire year around. There’s no better spot for snorkelling, diving, kiteboarding or anything else! Even better yet? There’s always somewhere you can play in the TCI. Inclement weather is rare and typically passes quickly. Although we do have an official ‘monsoon season’, where the weather can be slightly less predictable, it’s thankfully short and huge storms are rare. 

3. The wealth of watersports

Talking of which, we couldn’t mention any kind of list of things the TCI is famous for without mentioning its sports. There’s almost nothing you can’t do here! The combination of those perfect seas with the steady climate and regular tradewinds make this a paradise of wind- and watersports. 

The shallow, warm water is perfect for Stand Up Paddle Boarding. The glorious flora and fauna of the islands make kayaking a voyage of discovery. And those brisk, trustworthy trade winds make kitesurfing open to a huge range of people. Beginners will love the gentle, undemanding conditions found at Long Bay Beach, while those looking for the ultimate challenge may want to head down to semi-deserted Western Caicos and the powerful conditions found there. There’s a reason the TCI is one of the global stops for the Kalama Kamp, after all!

Divers can explore the reef, wreck sites, plunge down the wall or experience one of the largest ‘Blue Holes’ in the world. Snorkelers will be dazzled by the throbbing vibrancy of life at the reef, widely acknowledged as the third-largest in the world. 

4. The Whales!

The whale migration may not be a year-round treat, but it’s certainly something the Turks and Caicos is famous for! The Humpback whale undertakes a staggeringly long migration every year, one that leads pods from Antartica, passed distant Cape Town to the tropical waters of the Pacific.  While it’s true these staggering beasts can be spotted at several known spots along this route, none of them are quite as famous as the Turks and Caicos. 

That’s because of our unique geography again! The way the islands (and surrounding seas) are formed means that the whales have to filter through a rather narrow channel. That’s pod after pod, from all corners of the earth, squeezing their way through a relatively small stretch of water. 

That, of course, means sightings galore! Nowhere else in the world will you have such a chance to experience these magnificent giants up close, with massive males breaching and playing mere metres away. Almost as though they were aware of the treat, whale season corresponds with the end of the holidays, too, making a truly special way to start the New Year.

5. Being almost like home- but exotic too

The Turks and Caicos is a true island destination. Our people come from all over the world, and all walks of life. You’re sure to feel at home as soon as you land on our soil. Yet, we’re a proud British Overseas Territory with our own unique heritage and culture. This isn’t the third world, and you should have no specific safety concerns about our stability, political climate or anything else. Everyone speaks English, although you’ll notice we use the US dollar and power outlets, for a bit of variety! US visitors should note we drive on the opposite side of the road to you, however, especially if you’re planning to rent a car. In short, it will feel like home- but you’ll still get some of the holiday feeling, too.

The Turks and Caicos are exquisite, vibrant, packed full of sun, sea and surf activities, and welcomes everyone freely- and that’s what we’re most famous for! Why not come and experience the TCI difference for yourself? The Big Blue Collective team are here to help you plan the experience of a lifetime.