Everything there is to know about kiteboarding

So, you’re keen to start learning kiteboarding in the Turks and Caicos? Or maybe you’ve done kiteboarding before, but your skills are rusty and you want to brush up. With our experienced and super-knowledgeable team, we can even help you further hone and refine your skills if you’re very confident kiteboarding. We also, of course, host the Kalama Kamp here every year. No matter where you’re at in your kiteboarding journey, the Big Blue Collective can help. Here’s a sneak-peak at our kiteboarding special lessons, and everything else you need to know.

Kiteboarding with the Big Blue Collective

Want to join the most experienced team in the Turks and Caicos? Then come learn with the Big Blue Collective. Our top-notch team of instructors (male and female) have full international certification with IKO. We’re here to help you go from zero to hero in the water. Refine your existing skills, or learn the sport from scratch- we’re here to help. With an emphasis on safety in the water, you’ll soon feel confident to troubleshoot any issue you run into and explore the seas on your kiteboard. We can even assist with jet-ski assisted lessons if required, you need only ask. Rent from our line powered by Cabrinha & Fone kite and board, or bring your own equipment.

There’s no better place to learn than in the TCI, either. With constant cooling NE-SE trade winds that are almost predictable enough to set your watch too, there’s near to no downtime on learning to kiteboard in the TCI. Now pair that up with warm, calm seas that are beginner-friendly in the bays but exciting in the back passages, and you have the makings of a perfect adventure. The Turks and Caicos are a kiteboarders dream location, and there are so many exciting areas to explore. Whether you’re a baby beginner or a professional, why not experience Big Blue’s expert kite instruction and hone your skills? There’s a reason we remain the operation of choice for visiting kiteboarding professionals, industry magazine travel stories and even kiteboarding product shoots! Expert instruction, perfect weather and you- the secret to kiteboarding success.

Here’s a sneak peak at the packages Big Blue has open to you. 

The X hour kite package

The cornerstone of our offerings for beginner kiteboarders. You’re fired up and keen, and know you want to get out there on the water. There’s no holding you back! You’re also a savvy consumer who knows they’re dedicated to finishing what they start, and you wouldn’t mind scoring a sweet deal along the way. With this package option, you’re dedicating yourself to a fixed amount of hours completed. Should you later choose to abandon the package midway, the price will revert to the private hourly rate, so make sure you pick a length option that suits your needs. We currently offer 6-, 8- and 10-hour packages you can book. 

Do note that package deals are offered for beginners only. 

Hourly lessons

If you’re looking to gain some experience in the water, this might be the perfect package for you. It’s also ideal if you’ve kiteboarded before, but are still inclined to call yourself a ‘beginner’ or want to hone what you learned. We offer both fully- and semi-private lessons, but lessons are booked for a minimum of 2 hours. Below this, you will not be able to get kitted up and have a productive, meaningful experience on the water before the lesson end. Semi-private options mean that you will share the lesson space with people from within your own group, not that you will mix with others. Shy people needn’t be concerned. 

Supervised practice

You’re not a beginner anymore, but that doesn’t mean you’re fully confident on your own in the water. You’d appreciate a seasoned eye to keep an eye on you in case of emergencies and watch out for you while you’re getting to grips with the sport. Then this is the perfect package for you! The kite instructor assigned to you will do a quick assessment of your skills on arrival, just to make sure you really are ready for the water. If you do need to combine supervised practice with a lesson or two, don’t worry! We at the Big Blue Collective believe the best kiteboarder is a safe one.

Has one of these comprehensive kiteboarding packages in the TCI caught your eye? Find out more, like rates and how to book, on our website. Remember that we have a no wind, no problem policy. There’s plenty of exciting ways to entertain yourself in the TCI no matter what the weather does- why not try scuba, beach cruising or stand up paddleboarding? 

Many happy customers have had the time of their lives taking their first steps in kiteboarding with the Big Blue Collective’s excellent instructors.