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A Turks and Caicos vacation is just what you need to shake off the last shreds of 2020 and face the new year with a smile. These gorgeous islands can be overwhelming for first-time vacationers, however, there’s simply so much to see and do! How do you know what of the many activities would be a good fit for you? You don’t want to waste a second of your vacation, after all! Today the Big Blue Collective takes a look at how to craft yourself the perfect Turks and Caicos vacation.

How do I choose the right private villa in the TCI for my group?

The Big Blue Collective is proud to offer a variety of perfect private villa accommodations in the Turks and Caicos through our curated network of partners. Faced with such staggering choice- each in exquisite grounds, with superlative views and often immediate beachfront access- it can be a little tough to figure out what the best possible match for you could be.

Perhaps the most important consideration is size. Each of our villa insight pages will let you know exactly how many people each villa is designed to hold. More importantly, it will also give you an idea of configurations. Some properties offer separate flats or cottages for certain guests, making them perfect for a group of adult couples travelling together, but possibly not for a larger family. While smaller groups and couples can certainly enjoy a large space, you may want to look for something a little more intimate to ensure you fully enjoy your time together. If you will be working on the trip, many of our villas also offer an office facility. Checking in with amenities is also a wise plan- perhaps being able to cook yourself is important, or possibly you want a laundry room. Our scintillating concierge service is always on hand to help you sift through your choices to find the perfect match.

We’re a family with smaller children- what’s best for us to do?

The great news is that the Turks and Caicos are fully family-friendly. Just because there are younger family members won’t mean you have to miss out on watersports, either. But before you get in the water, you’ll probably enjoy an exciting day trip to Grand Turk to explore some of the quaint local architecture, enjoy a trip to the lighthouse, and grab some ice creams.

Tours are an excellent way to keep the whole family entertained. While some of the deeper eco-tours could be a little too challenging if your children are very young, they’re ideal for older kids and teens to burn off energy. You’ll have a chance to explore the ruins of plantations and the salt industry on the island, as well as simply enjoy the beauties of nature.

Cycling the TCI may be a lesser mentioned activity, but it’s also great for an active family to enjoy time together. Or you could catch some horseback riding on the beach, too. You’re probably going to want to add Iguana Island and the Princess Alexandra National Park to the itinerary as well. These super-fun attractions will allow you to explore the wealth of marine and animal heritage we have here on the TCI in a fun, friendly way. 

While kiteboarding and diving are better suited to older children, kayaking and stand up paddleboarding are excellent fun for the whole family. And if you’re here in the season, be sure to watch for whales as well!

We’re a bigger group, but we’re all adults/ we have older kids or teens

Many of the exciting adventures we mentioned above are just as fun for adults and older kids too! We certainly wouldn’t miss a trip to Iguana Island, and we live here year-round! 

If you’re an older group, however, you’re going to be better placed to enjoy many of the scintillating watersports we have on the island. Kiteboarding is very accessible for a range of people as long as you’re all confident swimmers, and there’s nothing more exhilarating than feeling the wind fling you across the waves. 

For adults and older teens, the superlative diving and dive tours available in the Turks and Caicos is sure to be a drawcard. Explore the beauty of our barrier reef, or challenge yourself at one of the walls lying mere miles offshore. 

For larger groups, it gets old fast having to shuffle everyone around on open tours and boats. Why not consider investing in a private yacht charter for the TCI and enjoy the absolute freedom of being able to go where you like, do what you want and enjoy the trip in privacy?

What about a travelling couple?

Whether you’re newlyweds looking for a romantic getaway or a long-time pair who wants to enjoy each other’s company on a special trip, the Turks and Caicos is one of the best destinations for couples in love.

Of course, you’re bound to find something to amp up the spark between you in all the scintillating activities we’ve mentioned above! But you’re sure to find a romantic eco-tour and picnic on the beach a great bonding opportunity. Likewise, stand-up paddleboarding can be a fantastic way to stay active, see the world from a different perspective, and enjoy a calm day seeing the island sites at your own pace.

Or hop on your own private yacht charter and head out for a snorkelling tour. Unlike diving, which does require safety certifications, snorkelling is fully accessible to anyone who is comfortable in the water. The beauties of our barrier reef will lure you into the sport, for sure! Watch achingly beautiful marine life and tropical fish flit beneath you. If you’re able to travel during the Christmas-New Year season, there’s also whale-watching opportunities that are sure to thrill your heart.

It doesn’t matter who’s coming with, there’s something for everyone to see and do on the Turks and Caicos! With the Big Blue Collective here to help you plan the trip of a lifetime, all you need to do is reach out.