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If you’re looking for a luxury holiday like no other, allow the beauty of the Turks and Caicos to woo your tired soul this winter. Take luxury living to new heights onboard your own private yacht charter, and experience this unique Caribbean Holiday Destination from the water and the land together with the Big Blue Collective. Your heart and spirit will thank you!

What makes the Turks and Caicos the Caribbean Holiday Destination of choice?

The Caribbean and luxury living have long gone hand-in-hand. Yet let’s be honest. If you’re looking for a true luxury holiday, many Caribbean destinations are now teaming with resort visitors, and both the beaches and waters can be uncomfortably frenetic and far from private. 

The Turks and Caicos offer you a unique opportunity to step off the beaten tourist track without losing out on any perks. Enjoy all the pleasures of true Caribbean opulence with none of the bustle and fuss. Keep your loved ones safe and secure on your own yacht charter, and be free to play when and how you’d like without other people interrupting your peace. 

Here you can head out on adventures, explore under the water at the world’s third-largest barrier reef, experience nature at its most pristine, and still enjoy the bustle of nightlife and stay connected to the outside world. Shop and play in Provo’s nightclubs, then scull a kayak down the mangrove channels the next morning. Clamber over limestone sinkholes, then play in the lush tropical flora that hides hidden historical secrets.

There’s nothing quite like the Turks and Caicos experience. And now it’s yours for the taking. 

Enjoy the sunset from a beach that’s yours alone

While the Turks and Caicos have their very own international airport, it’s difficult for cruise liners to dock here, meaning even our peak season is nothing compared to other Bermudan and Caribbean destinations. Our powder-soft white beaches remain calm, and when you venture away from island hotspots like Provo with your very own yacht charter, there’s a decent chance you could be the only people to set foot on the beach that day!

There’s nothing better than watching the sunset with a cocktail in hand, after a beautiful beach picnic amongst unspoiled nature. The adventurous among you can head out for an afternoon dive at one of the many exciting dive spots nestled among the islands, while those looking to enjoy the epitome of a luxury holiday can kick back and enjoy the sun on deck. With a yacht charter, the seas are yours to conquer and you can roam where you will.,

What to expect from a Big Blue Collective yacht charter

We’re proud to offer you one of the most sophisticated fleets in the Turks and Caicos. With a variety of stellar boats on hand, we can find you the perfect match to your group size, holiday desires, and the destinations you want to visit. Every single Big Blue Collective charter is different, tailored especially for your uniqueness. With a skilled expert at the tiller to navigate you through the sometimes tricky shallows and depths that make up the spectacular local waters, you won’t have to worry about a thing- just enjoying luxury living your way. 

All of our boats come with complimentary snorkelling gear, and we can provide a host of other watersports gear too, depending on the yacht that matches your needs. You can even enjoy the whimsy of an inflatable paddleboard to explore the gorgeous coastlines to your heart’s content. With our hospitable guides on hand to help you make the very best of nature and the weather, enjoyment is guaranteed. 

With a delicious lunch included onboard, we can also pack snacks, drinks, and other items tailored to your party and according to your needs- you just have to coordinate with our super-helpful concierge services

It isn’t a luxury holiday without a yacht, and in these tumultuous times you have the added peace of mind of knowing you can not only do what you want as your whims take you, but you can do it safely away from others, too, with only your loved ones around you.

Tailor your trip to suit your whims

We offer a wide range of yacht charter services, from sunset cruises to full-day adventures. We leave earlier than most providers, ensuring you get every drop of your special day focused on you. There’s no rush to squeeze everything in if we’re out and ready to play. 

We can also schedule the trip around your precise needs. That is, of course, if the wind and weather want to play! The benefit of booking a private yacht charter with us is that you have the flexibility to play as you will. So if underwater conditions are dingy at one dive site, we can head to a better one- and if a whale or dolphin surfaces to play, there’s no harried guide pressuring you to move on. It’s your holiday, your way, all the way.

Experience the height of luxury living in the Caribbean with a personally tailored yacht charter from the Big Blue Collective. We’ll help you explore every inch of this gorgeous Caribbean holiday destination, from the teeming marine life in blazing colours at the barrier reef to the basking iguanas enjoying the sun and the hidden secrets of the back islands. Let the Turks and Caicos woo you with its beauty- we’ll handle everything else.