Private day charters turks and caicos

Are you hoping to learn to dive with the Big Blue Collective? Or simply looking for a private dive charter to take you to a site that will stretch your existing skills? Diving in the Caribbean is an immensely rewarding experience, and the Turks and Caicos offers some of the best dive sites in the world. Let’s take a look at what to expect on your diving trip.

The joy of private dive charters

Boats open up the diving world to a plethora of brand-new experiences. When you’re not tied to the shore, you can venture to any dive site that takes your fancy, enjoying the beauty of nature on the way. With the gorgeous Turks and Caicos underwater landscape unfolding before you, and our diligent and experienced crew to care for you, there’s no more exclusive experience than a private Caribbean dive charter!

Every dive boat and experience is a little different, and which of our fleet you are teamed up with will depend on a few factors- group size, and where you’re looking to dive being two key features. Rest assured that every one of the fleet is a tough boat with an experienced skipper, and you’ll be in only the very best hands no matter what you want from your trip. We’d go as far as to say no one on the islands has the decades of experience and personal knowledge of the water as the Big Blue Collective team does! From insider tips and tricks to intimate knowledge of the history and geography of the area, no one does it better than us.

If you want to learn to dive, our experienced instructors are all PADI-certified, and they have made diving these beautiful waters their passion. If you’re already an experienced diver, the waters of the TCI offer a huge variety of sites, from diving the reef to exploring wrecks and beyond, so you’re sure to find a challenge.

One of the best parts of a private dive charter is that you can extend the experience as much as you’d like. Head out for multi-day dive trips, enjoy lunch on deck, and sip cocktails as the sun sets on a day of adventure and beauty. Let your whims guide you, or follow one of our tours. How the experience unfolds is up to you.

What to expect on the dive boat

As we’re using ‘hard boats’ (proper yachts, instead of inflatables), you’ll find plenty of space onboard to relax. Your Big Blue Collective guide will show you where to stow your gear, as well as walk you through mandated safety checks. There will be a bit of a briefing- don’t worry, nothing that will take too much time! But it is important you know more about the boat, the water, and the dive, so you can have the safest, best diving experience possible. 

You’ll drop into the water from the side or the stern (the back, for the less nautical amongst us). Where exactly depends on the boat and the site. You’ll get back on board via ladder. Remember to slip off your fins if you need to! All boats rise and fall with the water, so watch out when you first grab the ladder. With the team on hand there’s no real risk of getting caught under the ladder, but it can be an eerie sensation if you’ve never dived before!

Wet and Dry areas

Your skipper for the trip may show you ‘dry areas’. This means part of the boat where you’re asked not to take your kit (or yourself) while wet. These are there for safety, so there’s no slip risk, and also for your comfort- no one wants to try and catch some rays while someone else drips on them! Or grab a deck chair that’s soaked from wet gear.

The Big Blue Collective’s private dive charter tips

Want to experience the best of the Turks and Caicos dive sites like a pro? Try these tips!

  • Bring as little as possible for your comfort. Even the biggest boats have limited space. Don’t forget sunscreen for on-deck time!
  • Try to pay attention to crew instructions- we want you to have the very best trip possible, and this will assist everyone to have a fun day.
  • Don’t be afraid to chat! Our guides have a wealth of experience in diving and in the Turks and Caicos, and they’re happy to share it all with you!
  • Stay out of the water until the crew gives the all-clear. The propeller is possibly the most dangerous part of the ship, so the crew will always make sure it’s safe to debark and embark before you hit the water. 
  • New to boats? You might want to book a short trip first, so you can make sure you don’t suffer from seasickness. If you do feel a little queasy, fresh air and focusing on the horizon will help. If you take seasickness meds, make sure they’re compatible with diving. 
  • Stay hydrated and rested. The cool blue and buoyant water can be a little deceptive, and you may be thirstier than you think! Don’t forget to apply sunscreen when you are out of your gear.

There’s nothing in this world as formative and spectacular as diving in the Caribbean, surrounded by some of the most beautiful nature man has ever seen. Whether you simply want to learn to dive, or you’re an advanced diver looking for a challenge, the natural beauty of the sea here will call you back time and again. The Big Blue Collective is proud to offer one of the very best private dive charter fleets in the Turks and Caicos. With our experienced team handling the logistics so you don’t have to, the experience of a lifetime awaits. The only question is when you will take the challenge!