Weather in May in Turks and Caico

While the Turks and Caicos weather is pretty clement for most of the year, it’s always good to know exactly what you can expect from your time on the island. Fortunately, the TCI weather in May is among the best you will experience, and occupies the perfect sweet spot for your travels. Today, the Big Blue Collective take a closer look.

What season is it in May?

The TCI’s weather in May is the first of the so-called ‘hot’ months-don’t worry, though, it’s never actually cold! November to April is traditionally viewed as the ‘cool’ season, but the annual variance is only something like 10° F. Oddly, however, the difference is quite noticeable, possibly due to the close proximity of so much warm water to amplify the heat. This makes May one of the most perfect months in which to travel, where you still get a crisp breeze or two but all the fun of the warm season and the opportunity to explore the island with fewer crowds hemming you in. It’s also one of the very best if you’re an avid on-land outdoorsman. Cycling, hiking or having fun exploring the rich historical heritage of the island are all perfect at this time of year, before it heats up too much. The water sports, as always, remain excellent year round, and the Turks and Caicos in May favours adventure.

What can I expect from the TCI weather in May?

If you’re visiting the TCI in May, you’re just past the cusp of what’s defined as the ‘high season’. This means you’ve beaten the tourist rush, without losing out on any of the glorious Grace Bay weather that makes it one of the best beaches in the world. In fact, temperatures will be climbing a little if you love to bask. There is a small possibility of some rain in May, but don’t worry- it will be an intermittent shower which will pass soon enough. Typically, these occur around 8pm at night, so you’ll likely be lying back with cocktails and enjoying the cooling effect rather than suffering any real inconvenience The lower rainfall in this month means mosquitoes won’t yet be an irritant, so that’s another plus. The last dregs of the trade winds tend to chase away any winged pests who may be encouraged by the hotter weather.

May is the last month before hurricane season officially hits the TCI.  It’s very rare for a strong hurricane to hit the islands, however, for all the recent passing through of Hurricane Irma, and the ‘worst’ of the weather comes much later in the year. Still, if you’re keen to avoid any interruption to your holiday by inclement weather then May is the month for you. There’s even better news! Despite the common perception that it’s better to come in winter for the many exciting wind-and-wave sports on offer, conditions are actually pretty great year-round. If kiteboarding and windsurfing are your thing you’ll be able to have fabulous fun on the water, so come ready to play whatever your definition of fun!

What can I do in the TCI in May?

It’s too late in the year to spot whales at play, but nothing else the TCI has to offer will be off-limits to you, and the Grace Bay weather is perfect for lounging in the sun and playing in the waves. Now is the also the ideal time for travellers with a tight budget to enjoy the islands with a little extra room in your pocketbook, too. As always you should make sure you bring your sunblock of choice to avoid sporting a lobster-red tan, particularly at midday!

What activities can I participate in?

With the Turks and Caicos weather prompting everyone to enjoy, there can be little surprise that many festivals and activities take place throughout May. Sports fishers will find plenty to do regardless of when in this month you visit, but if you are coming late in May you could even catch the Caicos Classic Annual Release Tournament. This offshore fishing tournament allows line-fishing teams to size up each other’s catch in a friendly challenge.

If you have Mexican heritage [or just want to join the fun] Cinco de Mayo is held near Turtle Bay on the Islands, so put on your best party clothes and come celebrate with us! More unique to island culture, May is also the month for the Big South Regatta. This festival of all things nautical- boat races, concerts, entertainment, food and more- has been a tradition of the islands since 1967, and if you’re looking for some local flavour nothing could be better. Dance around a maypole, enter the local beauty pageant, or just sit back and let the upbeat vibe replenish your soul.

Sports fans, it’s time to get excited too. The Women’s International Festival of Football is also held in May, featuring our local talent squaring off against an invited international team. It’s also the season for the Windvibes Kiteboarding Tournament, which will give you the perfect chances to check out the very best of the best, and even join in on a free kiteboarding beginner lesson if you’re keen. There’s prizes, raffles and plenty of tasty eats and drinks to enjoy.

What should I know about Grace Bay’s weather?

Many visitors to the TCI call Grace Bay the best beach in the world, and it certainly makes Top 10 lists enough to earn the title. Powder soft white sand and achingly clear water will great you, clear of debris and flotsam, calling to you to lie down and enjoy the sun. A gorgeous coral reef lies just offshore, yet even in the peak season the crowds are not unbearable. Glamorous quality accommodation rings the entire area for your comfort, and access points are plentiful. In short, it’s perfection.

It’s difficult to imagine that this area is also part of the protected Princess Alexandra Land and Sea National Park, sheltering a huge diversity of marine life, birds and wildlife, but it is. The entire area is tranquil, sheltered and perfect for relaxation and play alike. The stunning Grace Bay weather contributes hugely to this. Expect the beach to be rather hot in May- the Turks and Caicos weather doesn’t mess around! Later in the summer it may be too hot by noon for even the most sun-loving sunbather, but you’ll still be able to get in a good long basking session for the moment. Weather conditions for kiteboarding, stand up paddle boarding and windsurfing are clement too.

The Turks and Caicos weather is great no matter the time of year, but the TCI’s weather in May is something special all of its own. With Grace Bay’s gorgeous weather calling you to relax, and all the fun of the many festivities island-wide, May is the perfect time to party in the Turks and Caicos. Come meet the Big Blue Collective team today, and make your island dreams a reality.

oday, and make your island dreams a reality.