turks and caicos weather temperature April

While the Turks and Caicos has generally amazing weather all year round, it’s always worth knowing exactly what to expect from your trip. April is one of our favourite months here at Big Blue Collective, and brings you some amazing opportunities for fun in the sun, so keep reading to plan the trip of a lifetime and learn a little more about the TCI’s weather in April!

What can I expect from the TCI weather in April?

April is the very tail end of the ‘high’ season in the Turks and Caicos, so it’s may well be the very best month of them all to visit. Of course, sun and sunshine aren’t that much of a concern in the TCI- we do get about 350 days of solid, gorgeous sunshine a year, so you’re bound to have fun whenever you come! April sits just before the possibility of rain, however, and that’s always the one thing that could dampen your experience.

The best news of all is that the water temperature will be very consistent at this time of year, which makes it superlative for all sorts of water sports. Ocean swells are slightly higher, but we bet you won’t even notice. While conditions for more wind-orientated sports are always a little more consistent in winter, the difference is fairly minimal no matter when you come, so if you’re keen to head out windsurfing or kiteboarding you’ll be able to enjoy your sport without worries.

You may have heard that mosquitoes may be a worry on the TCI, but this is more relevant to the wetter months, so don’t worry too much. There is still some trade wind activity in the TCI in April, so that tends to keep all manner of potential flying pests away- you’ll be free to enjoy your holiday in peace.

What is the tourism like in April in the TCI?

The TCI’s weather in April makes this month a ‘sweet spot’ for tourists. You may just be able to take advantage of the lower prices of off-season [although it’s still counted as high season in many places], but still experience all the beauty of perfect weather. The crowds will have lessened considerably, although you will still see plenty of friendly faces around for another few months. It is too late in the year for whale watching, although you will still be able to meet dolphins and stingrays up close and personal. Otherwise, you should have the best of all worlds, with all of the fantastic adventure sports that are synonymous with the Turks and Caicos open to you. April to May is the perfect travel time for budget travellers who still want to experience the vibe of the island as it bustles, but prefer it to be a little easier on the pocket too. While a few very rare rain showers may make an appearance, it’s highly unlikely, and the beaches should be the perfect level of populated.

If an action-packed holiday just isn’t for you, there is still great sunny weather for you to enjoy on the beaches. Be sure to include a good sunblock in your bag, because the island sun is perfect for a little safe tanning. The Annual Kite Flying Competition typically takes place in April, so be sure to take a swing past Bight Beach and check out the brightly-coloured fun! The Turks and Caicos April weather is also perfect for sport fishing, and all of the local sports fish are available for you to catch.

What cuisine is open to me in April?

You’ve just missed the lobster season here in the TCI, but don’t let that stop you from exploring the delectable seafood offerings open to you. The Nassau Grouper is a staple of almost every island dish- and delicious to boot. You’re also able to explore the conch and all of the related products the island produces. This simple shell is of deep importance on the islands, and you’ll have the perfect chance to snatch a shell or two as a memento from the talented craftsmen on the islands too. Be sure to swing through the Conch Museum while you’re here, too.

What should I wear?

While beachwear is always the fashion of the day on the Turks and Caicos, you’ll need to throw on some other duds if you’re going to go exploring [and you totally should]. You won’t need anything too hectic, however- think a few light shirts and shorts, and maybe a light sweater in the evenings if you’re susceptible to cold. If you’d like a little extra UV protection or want to venture out snorkelling or swimming, throw in a pair of sleeve rash-guards to keep you looking spiffy. You can always pick up anything you need in the shops on Provo if you forget something, so pack light- people often find that, due to the clement TCI weather in April, they’ve over packed and don’t use half the clothes they bring.

The weather in the TCI in April can be said to be almost perfect. While you’ll miss out on the chance to spot some whales, you’ll find the perfect wind conditions for kiteboarding, beautiful beaches without the crowds, and a ton of fun just waiting for you. Why not let Big Blue Collective help you make your April TCI dreams come true and book today?