leanr to scuba dive turks and caicos

If there’s one thing the big Blue Collective is known for (besides our super-friendly team) it’s the depth of our diving knowledge. With our team being resident year-round instead of transient in the high season, we’ve had the opportunity to uncover all the exciting secrets of the lush waters around us. The Turks and Caicos is a fantastic destination for divers, so let’s take a look at some diving secrets you should know.

Why dive the Turks and Caicos?

Why opt to dive in the TCI? We’re slightly off the typical tourist trail for the Caribbean, so maybe you are wondering if you’ll have the holiday experience you deserve. The answer is yes- and much more, too. We don’t have the flocks of tourists and cookie-cutter travel experiences you’ll find on many of the more populated island clusters, and here you have a chance to truly experience nature at her most beautiful.

Our dive sites, in particular, need to be experienced to be believed. Because of the unique geography of the islands- in particular, the continental shelf that falls away to deep ocean a few miles offshore- we are a diving paradise. Beginners can find safe, tranquil waters to try out their first few dives, but those looking for excitement and challenge can dive inland holes, walls, and so much more. We even have a few notable wrecks to explore! Not to mention our gorgeous barrier reef, one of the best-preserved in the world, and rich with exotic marine life.

What is the best time to dive in the Caribbean?

The quick answer is that there isn’t a bad time to dive in the Caribbean! Especially in the Turks and Caicos, where hurricane season rarely bothers us much. So if you’re travelling at an unusual time of year, don’t worry- you’ll still be able to enjoy a great dive.

Let’s look at the best times to dive in the Caribbean in a little more detail, however. Most of the very best dive sites in the TCI are best accessed by yacht. We’ve looked before at the best time to hire a yacht, but let’s recap:

  • High/Peak season: This falls from December to April. 
  • Mid-season: From April to June we still see some great boating conditions, although it’s starting to get a little too hot for total comfort.
  • Off-season: The slower season for yachting in the Caribbean is June- November, when the risk of hurricane activity is at its highest and so are the temperatures.

Diving from a boat offers you tremendous versatility. If conditions are inclement at one location, you can simply hop on board and head to another. There’s no need to try and move bulky dive gear by land, and you can let your whims carry you. If you spot whales or dolphins while you’re out, you’re free to enjoy the experience. That’s part of why the Big Blue Collective has worked so hard to ensure we keep party size small, so that you can enjoy the very best of flexibility and personal choice at all times.

As you can see, the yachting season in the Caribbean is pretty flexible. How does this apply to diving, however? In some parts of the Caribbean (rarely the TCI) January and February can have rough winds and rain. We’re lucky in that our regular trade winds generally keep things calmer and extend the season a little. In fact, you’re free to dive almost any day in the December-April season. We’ll let you in on a little secret, however. The early parts of summer, June and early July, can provide exquisite visibility under the water, although it’s starting to get a little too hot up top. If you’re experienced divers looking for a superlative underwater experience, early summer and late spring may well bring you memories you’ll never forget.

There isn’t a bad season

Now you know a little more about the best season to dive in the Turks and Caicos! It’s important to realise, however, that we’re very blessed in comparison to other parts of the Caribbean. There’s not really an off-limit season where it’s guaranteed you won’t be able to dive. Visibility is fantastic year-round, even in the bustling month of December, and in a typical year, we don’t see massive disruption from hurricanes. That said, the chances of rainstorms will be higher at the peak of hurricane season. For most of the rest of the year, expect flat, warm water, consistent winds that don’t impact visibility greatly, and an overall fantastic experience on the water and under it.

What might impact your decision when planning your dive trip to the TCI is the fact that some tourist amenities will close over the high summer period. On the flip side, you will find some excellent steals and deals at the beginning and end of off-peak season if you need to travel on a budget, and if you’re not into crowds these are a great time to still enjoy all the amenities and the perfect weather without encountering too many other people. There isn’t a huge spring break culture in the TCI, either, so it’s a great chance to escape rowdy youngsters and still enjoy the very best of the Caribbean.

Are you keen to plan the Caribbean diving experience of a lifetime? The helpful Big Blue Collective team is always here to help you make the very best of the experience, so don’t be afraid to reach out to us today!