learn to kiteboard turks and caicos

Here at the Big Blue Collective, we’re firm believers that kiteboarding is for everyone. Learning to kiteboard is a great way to experience the heart-skipping joy of flying over the ocean, without there being huge bars to entry. Provided you’re confident in the water, and relatively fit, you should be able to grasp the basics easily. At that point, you’re free to practice on calm waters and gain confidence, or fly wherever the winds take you, surrounded by some of the most exciting landscapes of the world. It’s a sport that can be as challenging, or as chilled out, as you want it too. A key part of becoming an adventurer-extraordinaire, however, is learning to kiteboard safely in the first place. Today, we look at why the Turks and Caicos is the best place to learn kiteboarding there is.

What makes kiteboarding in the TCI so special

Hang on! We’re sure you just rolled your eyes and thought, “Of course they’d say that!” It also happens to be true, however. The Turks and Caicos have a unique geography that makes it absolutely perfect for taking your first steps in kiteboarding without getting dull for more advanced kiteboarders either.


Firstly, the islands themselves are perched on a continental shelf, meaning the water close to land is calm, still and not so deep as to be intimidating. Yet you can still venture out into deeper water in the channels and near the back islands for added excitement. Our magnificent TCI climate plays a big hand in it, too. Whilst winter is our peak season because of the slightly lower temperatures, there’s never really a ‘bad’ time to come, and we have a lot less interference from monsoon season than many island nations do.

It’s the water and wind that really makes it, however. Our steady trade winds are surprisingly constant, and this predictability makes for the perfect learning atmosphere. Now couple that with our calm waters you can trust, and you have the perfect combination for fun on the surf. While waves are a fun challenge as you get better with your ‘board, it can be intimidating when you’re learning. That’s why the Big Blue Collective starts everyone out in beautiful Long Bay. While it may not seem like something that should make a difference, the gentle warmth of the water makes it a ton easier to relax and just go with the spills of the learning process, too, as you never get a terrible cold shock unexpectedly!

What to expect from kiteboarding in the TCI

Now you know why the Turks and Caicos is the best place to learn kiteboarding, let’s look a little more at what to expect. 


Because we have the ideal environment for learning here, we’re able to take a paced ‘building block’ approach to getting the skills you need. You’re not facing obstacles in the water or inclement weather, so you are freer to learn in stages. These will include key kite skills, board skills, body dragging (less sinister than it may sound, of course) and board recovery. Only then will you have to put all the pieces together and conquer your kite for real.


Half of the secret to kiteboarding safely is building the confidence to believe you can do it. It’s a unique skillset, for sure, but don’t let it intimidate you! The Big Blue Collective has expert IKO-certified instructors to help you every step of the way. We’ll make sure you not only master a few basics, but learn how to troubleshoot confidently too. 


Knowing how to fix small mess-ups and get back on the board if you take a tumble is a key part of becoming a safe, confident kiteboarder, and will serve you well each and every time you hit the water.  What’s even better, is that kiteboarding intersects so perfectly with other key Turks and Caicos activities. If it’s too windy to paddle or too rough to dive, kiteboarding will let you experience the very best of the islands without hassle. Protected bays and flatwater stashes let you hone your skill, while soft waves and miles of empty, pristine beaches will beckon you onwards to enjoy.

Meet the Big Blue team

Our core IKO certified instructor team of 5 features both male and female instructors. Each of them has a background in watersports, and love the athletic lifestyle the TCI allows them. Together you’ll have an experience that’s both safe and exhilarating, and even if you already have kiteboarding skills to flex, you’re sure to leave knowing more about this scintillating sport than ever before.

We’ve had 25 years of experience in helping students become confident riders, so you know we have what it takes to keep you safe- we’re not going to force you into unsafe conditions for your skill level or ability. You will also never be pushed beyond your limits, so don’t feel shy! We know that every individual has their own unique needs, and we’ll make sure you feel comfortable at every stage of your learning journey. We can meet you at the hotel if you’d prefer, or you can meet us on the beach ready for your first lesson. We only handle small groups, so you can receive the attention you deserve at all times.

While we urge everyone looking to take the sport of kiteboarding seriously to invest in our special 3-phase learning system, which will give you the maximum experience in safety and troubleshooting, we do also offer a more condensed program for first-timers who don’t expect to head far from the beach. Although it’s focused on getting you on a board quicker, it still gives you the basics of safe kiteboarding you’ll need.


In short- don’t be shy! The TCI is one of the best places to learn kiteboarding in the world, and the Big Blue Collective has one of the best teams on hand to help you achieve your goals! Why not book your first lesson today?