Upgrading Our Fleet

You know her, we love her, but every so often the things we love and use a lot need a little attention. And in the case of White Sands, we decided our lady of the seas needed some serious TLC.

MV White Sands has provided us and our guests with an endless stream of sun-fuelled fun, excellent ocean experiences, and celebrations of special occasions on the water. From full day trips, to marveling at sunsets. From New Year’s Day festivities to weddings, stag do’s, bridal parties, anniversaries, and much, much more. White Sands, so often, is our guests’ first choice for a classic Turks and Caicos private charter

Her width gives her unmatched stability. Her space and comfort are ideal for larger groups and families, or even romantic beach and island getaways. She is amazing on the ocean, perfect for diving, ideal for snorkeling, and brilliant for spotting dolphins and whales. 

Earlier last year, we decided to drop two brand new Yanmar 315s into her engine bays, replacing motors with literally tens of thousands of recorded ocean hours – most of, if not all of them first-class luxury ocean experiences. All said and done with no place for her to hide, we felt it was also a good time for her to get a serious facelift to help bring her back to her former glory, and, perhaps… Make her even better. 



The Journey

We wanted to match our end-user experience and expectations with a vessel that would truly reflect the feelings she elicits in tandem with our amazing team of captains and guides.

Plans were laid, arrangements were made, and marinas were booked. Work outlines were conceived and ultimately agreed upon with the only thing left to do: to head north for her first-ever refit and a full Floridian facelift. 

At the crack of dawn on the 10th of April 2023, Captains Paul, Cole, and Philip left the Rebel Base of our Leeward dock to begin the 600-mile journey north through the beautiful Bahamas to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a haul out and her date with some of Florida’s finest maritime craftsmen. 

Throughout the summer heat, White Sands was stripped to the bone. Every screw, nut, and bolt, every rail, every fixture, all ladders, lights, anchors, the running gear, and windows were removed. She was naked and almost unrecognisable four weeks later.

Preparation is Key 

Nowhere is this more important than when repainting a vessel. To sand her down, she went under a full-length scaffolded tent for almost two months. There a team set upon her grinding away the old, fixing cracks, dings, and knocks, and then sanding down some more. All of that back-breaking work was in preparation for what would become what is now her beautiful new cloud-white gel coat. Smooth. Shiny. Spotless. A full transformation.

With brand new windows following close behind, her old leaks were addressed while also giving her interior a much-needed refreshing ambient light. No more tape, no more drip drip drip. Just an amazing view through the salon bow windows. Finally.

But there was still more to do to really allow White Sands to grow into her second coming and rise from the ashes. New faux teak flooring, applied to all her walking surfaces, has helped elevate her to a yacht-like feeling, and coupled with newly polished railings and brand new bow trampolines, we left two of her best additions to last–new stern and bridge shade structures. As much as we all love the tropical days at sea, shade is seldom enough and we wanted to be sure that our guests could really maximise their enjoyment of the White Sands’ platform and refit by being able to chill in places that in the past, the midday sun had prevented us all from utilizing.

Our guests enjoy the expanded shaded deck and lounge areas on MV White Sands.

Now you can seriously chill out almost anywhere on her decks, any time of day.

As is always the case with boats, getting jobs over the line often proves to be slow and very painful. White Sands was no different. Her early summer return was hampered by a myriad of missed deadlines that took the better part of a month to get over the line. Small things. There’s always something. One day became three. A week became two. So on and so forth. But no good deed goes unpunished and in the end, her transformation has been truly remarkable. She is the same, but different. Very different. 

Just over four months later White Sands was launched back into the water and a few days later, on the 19th of August, Javed, Paul and Philip untied her dock lines and headed down and out from Fort Lauderdale’s inland waterways, finally leaving the USA for her journey towards Bimini and the Bahamas to bring her back to her stomping grounds.

What an experience that was. The contrast to her journey north couldn’t have been starker. She was faster, fitter, drier, better looking and so much more comfortable. Sliding into high marinas alongside multi-million-dollar yachts, she looked the part and better still, she was acting it too.

New and Improved

Whether sitting dockside in Leeward or on anchor somewhere along the cays you can be forgiven if you thought we had bought a new boat. It certainly feels like it, and for many, it looks like it too. Either way, some things don’t change. Our guests love her as much as we do only more than before and that means she’s a busy bee out on the water.

Don’t waste any time. Experience the difference. Book her and take her out for your special date on the water. She will serve you well and our team, as always, will knock it out of the park.


See you on the water.


Team BB