best place for winter sun

If the sudden incursion of all-things-Pumpkin-Spice into the pop-cult world wasn’t enough of a clue, the nip to the morning air probably is. Winter is upon us, and the idea of cold and dreary weather after being locked down for most of your summer probably isn’t a favourite thought. What if the Big Blue Collective told you that it wasn’t too late to make the very best of 2020? We’re still open for last-minute bookings to the TCI this winter! Make your Caribbean holiday dreams come true, and ensure you have memories of 2020 that weren’t just masks, COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders.

Can I still find a place to stay in the TCI?

If you’re booking with the Big Blue Collective, you certainly can! One of the very best aspects of using our concierge service to help you plan the perfect holiday is that it gives you access to our super-special villa rentals in the Turks and Caicos.

Renting a private villa in the TCI is the perfect way to add a little luxury to your trip. It also helps you stay safe and worry-free, completely socially distant from other island goers. Most of our villas are on (or within walking distance of) the beach, meaning you simply have to load up on sunscreen and go. Or, if you’re in the mood for a quieter day, hop out onto the balcony, grab a hammock, and enjoy all the luxury amenities of your private villa without the need for hassle or fuss.

Villa rentals in the Turks and Caicos offer you the chance to make a true home-away-from-home, with no need to live out of a suitcase or worry about others being rowdy around you. You’re able to stick with your group, and holiday as you choose. Many of our villa partners even offer you the option to ‘subdivide’ your group as needed, so if you’re travelling with friends you still have the luxury of alone-time as a couple to just kick back and relax. Whether you’re here for the sun, sea or the fun, a villa rental is the best way to experience the Turks and Caicos. 

What can I do on my last-minute booking to the TCI this winter?

With the wealth of fun experiences awaiting you on this Caribbean holiday, it’s easier to ask what can’t you do- and that’s nothing! Whether lazy days basking in the sun or action-packed adventure is your dream holiday, you can do it all here.

  • The best beaches in the world: Beyond the spectacular Grace Bay and Long Bay beaches, there’s a wealth of others waiting for you to discover them. Powder soft sand and breathtaking views await!
  • Azure water like no other: From the heart-stopping perfection of the turquoise water to the unmatched clarity that lets you see fish flitting below you, there’s nothing like the seas of the TCI. Perpetually warm, and often quiet and clement, especially during the winter season, you’ll find yourself longing to live life like a mermaid.
  • Eco-adventures: While Provo and Grand Turk are populated with enough nightlife, restaurants and other mod-cons to keep a luxury holidaymaker happy, the out islands offer a wealth of pristine natural surprises. Untouched environments are waiting for you to explore them, and some of nature’s most beautiful vistas are calling.
  • Spectacular snorkelling: With the world’s third-largest barrier reef (and possibly the most untouched by human industry) on our doorstep, and the most perfect waters in the Caribbean, there’s little wonder snorkelling is a favourite pastime
  • Kiteboarding: Fly over the waters on a whim, with the wind your only companion! This adrenaline-pumping, yet surprisingly accessible, sport will exhilarate you like no other. From calm, flat water perfect for beginners to challenging backchannels that will leave your heart pounding, this unique sport is everything you could wish for on a Caribbean holiday. 
  • Diving: There’s a little of everything under the TCI waters, from holes and shelves to the barrier reef. With our certified instructors on hand to help you take your first steps, and challenging dives that will thrill even the most jaded diver, this is a can’t-miss activity.
  • Whale watching: As we head closer to Christmas time, we’re closing in on the peak of whale spotting season. Witness these gentle giants up-close-and-personal in an experience you’ll never forget!
    Stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking: Take a leisurely trip to the mangrove channels, or explore where your heart takes you.
  • Private yacht charters: The sea is your kingdom to explore as you will! Whether it’s paired with one of our eco-adventures or dive tours, or simply to explore these gorgeous waters at a whim, we have the perfect boat waiting for you

Don’t you think it’s time you got your Caribbean holiday planned?

Let us do the hard work

Planning your dream Caribbean holiday doesn’t have to become a chore! With the Big Blue Collective’s concierge service at hand to help you plan every step of your holiday hassle-free, you’ve got the power of our decades of expertise to help you make the very best of your adventure. 

A last-minute booking to the TCI this winter is exactly what the doctor ordered! Offset the worries of a weird year, and end 2020 (or start 2021) with the glories of a Caribbean holiday like no other to soothe your heart, rejuvenate your spirit and heal your soul. Get in touch with the Big Blue Collective team today, and we can start planning the perfect getaway together.