work remotely in the carribean

A fully mobile workspace and remote working shouldn’t mean we have to stay chained to one location. Nor, with villa rental in the Caribbean so accessible to experience, does it even mean staying in your home city through the cold season. If you’re looking for somewhere safe to remote work, and craving a beautiful view and pleasant weather at the same time, then look no further than the Turks and Caicos, and the Big Blue Collective’s extra-special private villa partners. 

Where to remote work? The key question

With COVID-19 turning 2020 upside down for everyone, it’s been a strange working year. For many of us who were already remote working, it’s simply another day, perhaps with fewer visitors to interrupt your creative flow. For the rest of us, however, we’ve suddenly had to adapt to remote work in unprecedented ways. The idea seems easy on paper- simply do what you’ve always done, but use technology to connect you to colleagues and clients rather than meeting face-to-face. Yet, unless you’ve been lucky enough to maintain a home office space (or had a ‘man cave’ or craft room that could quickly be adapted), one of the first questions you had was likely ‘where to remote work’? Perched at the end of the kitchen counter is hardly conducive to big business deals! Worrying about the background of our Zoom call, and whether our partner will wander naked from the shower into view where our employees can see them is not fun. And now winter is at the door. 

Many of us are also used to the strict 9-5 divide. We get up, go to an office, do our work, and come home. Maintaining that schedule when home and office blur can be difficult, and it’s easy to let work take over. You find yourself always accessible to colleagues, overseers and clients. We know it’s unhealthy…but it’s hard keeping those schedules separate, isn’t it? Especially when all that surrounds you is the humdrum normal. You probably should go jog… but maybe you’ll just sort your email first. 

Reframing remote working

In short, many of us turned to remote working the exact way we look at our work. It’s annoying, we have to live our lives around it, and if we aren’t extremely vigilant we lose ourselves to it. In the rush to adapt to sudden draconian stay-at-home laws and global lockdowns, you were probably too preoccupied in making sure your carefully won clients, industry contacts and position survived rather than thinking about thriving. Yet the first clench of the crisis has passed, and now it’s time to get serious about work-life balance and other important aspects of living our very best lives.

‘Where to remote work’ doesn’t have to be a choice between the study and the kitchen. With technology on your side, you can work from anywhere in the world. And with a dreary Northern winter coming in, what’s stopping you from heading somewhere hot to enjoy a little freedom even as you crunch your deadlines? You can work anywhere there’s a phone and an internet connection, after all!

Finding a space that’s safe to remote work

Obviously, we’re not quite out of the global health crisis yet. So the freedoms offered by remote work doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind entirely. It’s critical you find somewhere that’s safe to remote work, not just a fun idea.

Luckily, the Turks and Caicios have been declared infection-free, and we’ve been able to open our borders to international travel for a few months now. Picture yourself working from a villa rental in the Caribbean, popping out for a dive in-between handling clients and pushing numbers. We bet working (and that jog) sounds a whole lot better now, right?

Remote working from the Turks and Caicos

The Big Blue Collective is proud to be able to offer you luxury villa rentals in the Caribbean through our carefully curated network of partner villas. With a fully-private ‘home’ space at your disposal, you have the perfect situation for safe remote work from a destination altogether brighter and better than a grey New York or London skyline. No need to wonder about the distraction of other people, or how dangerous proximity may be- you will have your own socially distant, safe bubble to work from, just with better views and higher quality of life all around. 

If you have a family keen for some fun in the sun, but need to keep working yourself, the Big Blue Collective also offers private yacht charters. The perfect blend of ‘fun’ and practical for those working, you’ll be able to enjoy a Caribbean cruise without ever encountering another person, fully packed with the mod cons you need to meet every work deadline. And if you head out to the beach for a day, or spend your lunch break swimming laps in the languid warm waters of the bay right at your doorstep? Shh…. no one needs to know! 

There’s definitely a few challenges to conquer when remote working- but the misery of seasonal depression and cold, grey days don’t need to be one of them! Throw COVID-19 disruptions in the trash can with the Big Blue Collective. The TCI is not only safe to remote work from, but with private villa rentals in the Caribbean a chinch through our concierge program, you’ll barely skip a beat. Crunch deadlines and your abs as you kiteboard and kayak through one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world- we’re waiting to help you create the ultimate working holiday today!