Book today! Spaces for the 2019 Kalama Kamp are limited!

28th September 2018 10:40 am

Are you keen to take your stand up paddle boarding skills to the next level? Come to the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean, and let the Kalama Kamp 2019 and Big Blue Collective hone you into a lean-and-mean paddle boarding machine. But you’ll need to book today- spots are already selling out fast!

What is the Kalama Kamp 2019?

Kalama Kamp 2019 is about souping up those paddleboarding skills- but that’s not all you’ll be doing. After all, who could come to the exquisite Turks and Caicos and not have a little fun in the sun while you are here? So don’t worry- you won’t have your nose to the grindstone the whole time, and this isn’t a busman’s holiday…this is about making you the very best you can be, surrounded by the powder soft sands and sparkling blue seas of one of the most beautiful places on earth. This year’s TCI Kalama Kamp will take place in October 2019.

This is the adventure water sport retreat of a lifetime, kept tiny so you have the advantage of personal attention at all times. With Big Blue Collective’s certified Paddle Fit instructors and your Kalama Kamp instructor leading the way, the waves will soon be yours.

6 days of waterborne fun await. The guides for the Kalama Kamp are widely acknowledged as some of the best watermen in the world, and they spend their lives surrounded not only by the natural beauty of the destinations they teach in, but learning every nuance and intricacy of the sport until it’s as comfortable to them as their own skin. Dave Kalama himself will be giving personalised daily instruction as well, so if you’re a fan of the sport there’s really no better place to find yourself then Kalama Kamp 2019. Where else in the world could you not only meet this legend but get to apply his wisdom to your skills?

What about the rest of the week?

While the true lure of Kalama Kamp 2019 has to be the instruction itself, there is, of course, a lot more for you to do. Once you’ve had your daily water experience and received the thoroughly personalised instruction of the Kamp, there’s still the wonders of the Turks and Caicos to explore. Through Big Blue’s partnership with Club Med, we can guarantee you the destination holiday of a lifetime to match the fun on your board. Soak in the sun on the beach, take a swim in the warm waters or hang by the pool, and let the cares of daily life in the ‘real’ world melt away.

If you’re keen to extend your stay [or simply can’t bring yourself to leave just yet], Big Blue Collective offers a host of other exciting TCI adventures for your to explore.  Head out to the magnificent dive sites in the area, book an eco-excursion into the wild backlands of the less populated islands, or charter your own private boat to further explore the islands and their unique culture. Don’t forget to pick up a conch shell souvenir from the talented local craftsmen while you are here!

I’m not very good on a paddleboard, help!

Don’t worry if your skills have got a little rusty, or even if you’re a newcomer to the sport. All we hear is an even better reason for you to sign on for Kalama Kamp. While the typical Kalama Kamp crowd does have some experience in the sport, it’s a very mixed group and everyone will fit in. Don’t believe the myth you here that you have to have elite SUP skills to join. We’ve even had a few raw novices with no previous experience join up, and a few days later you’d be hard pressed to tell who they were!

Don’t worry if you can’t surf, either. The Kamp instructors will show you exactly how. The aim of the Kamp is to provide an accessible, fun way for you to hone your skills and meet fellow enthusiasts, so don’t feel shy. If you’re not as fit as you’d like to be, that’s no excuse- the Kamps are accessible to everyone. Dave believes it’s important for everyone to push themselves within his or her own limits, not anyone else’s. Fun, camaraderie and SUP are the name of the game.

What’s included in the Kalama Kamp 2019 price?

There’s plenty included with your entry fee, including:


  • Full boat support as needed, so we can explore everywhere including the ‘backcountry’
  • Accommodation in a luxury villa complete with pool, taxes included too
  • All meals provided by an in-house chef when not sampling island fare
  • Airport and land transfers
  • A full selection of stand up paddle boards, paddles, leashes and hydration packs [or bring your own]

Plus, of course, the chance of a lifetime to experience the best stand up paddle board tutoring in the world. The unique waters around the TCI will help you learn more about a vast range of SUP techniques, everything from down winding, surfing and paddle exploration to your daily technique. Watch the glimmering mangrove channels just across from the Big Blue Collective headquarters beckon to you across the shimmering water, then head out to conquer them for yourself. Water like this can’t be found elsewhere- it’s some of the best in the world for SUP sports. All you need to do is get there, cover your drinks and remember to tip the friendly guides. Kalama Kamp 2019 will do the rest.

There’s no better adventure sport then stand up paddle boarding for accessibility, fun and great experiences, and there’s no better place to improve your skills then at Kalama Kamp 2019. Let Big Blue Collective and the Kalama Kamp team help you craft the experience of a lifetime in the TCI.

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Kamala Kamp and Big Blue Collective: The ultimate stand up paddle board adventure in the Turks and Caicos

19th July 2018 7:09 am

What could be better than stand up paddle boarding in the beautiful turquoise waters of the TCI? Doing it with the experience and skill of the Kalama Kamp guide [and Big Blue Collective’s certified Paddle Fit instructors] to hone your skills while the beauty of the TCI National Park unfolds around you!

Enjoy this fantastic sport with this experienced team while the mangrove channels of the National Park glimmer at you right across from our offices, waiting for you to explore them. Concerned that your skills need a little brush-up? No worries- the team has you covered with expert instruction. Experience the ultimate stand up paddle boarding retreat in true Turks and Caicos style- it’s the trip of a lifetime you’ll want to repeat again and again.

What does Kalama Kamp in the TCI offer?

Picture a simple boat ride on crisp, clear water kicking off this dream holiday, and you’re already close to what awaits you. Kamala Kamp guides will escort you through the active water-sport holiday retreat to beat all others, with 6 days of all-out, totally inclusive water and wave adventure awaiting you. Think of it as a stand up paddle boarding retreat featuring only you and a tiny, select group of others to ensure everyone gets personal attention. The Kalama Kamp guides are some of the world’s ultimate watermen, spending their lives immersed in nuances of the sport and the beauty of the islands that support it. You’ll receive personalised daily instruction on stand up paddle boarding from Dave Kalama himself- enough of a lure in itself- but there’s so very much more to the experience too. Immerse yourself fully in the joys of water sports in the TCI, enjoying daily beach workouts and night’s filled with fun, fun, fun. Through the partnership with Big Blue Collective and Club Med, you’ll have the best week of your life.

What extras are included?

Experience the wonders of the TCI national park for yourself on our staggeringly gorgeous eco tours, which come as part and parcel of the experience. This is a national park with a difference- after all, so much of the Turks and Caicos territory is underwater, with the perfect pristine environment for coral growth, instead of the land parks we’re used too. The Islanders work hard to ensure all tourist activities in the area work synergistically with the environment, with boat and diving pollution kept to the utmost minimum, and Big Blue Collective supports these endeavours wholeheartedly. We live in a spectacular time for coral, with growth and recovery dramatically boosted by the lack of severe hurricane damage over the last 30 years, so there is literally no time like the present to experience the wonders of the TCI reefs. While climate change hasn’t been without its own impact on the area, the time is most definitely now to experience it in all its glory. The same reefs that proved the perfect hiding spots for privateers and pirates in the past, helping to shape the very bones of this unique island culture, are now waiting for you to explore them.

Snorkel trips to the outer reefs of the Turks and Caicos will see you take your stand up paddle boarding skills to the max, while a full moon paddle will leave you with uniquely beautiful memories that will last forever [and a story that will earn you drinks in any pub worldwide]. This beautiful corner of the Caribbean offers lush native vegetation, soft white beaches and the classic heart-tugging blue seas that call to the soul. Seeing them under the sparkle of moonlight- and testing your SUP skills at the same time- is truly magnificent.

Explore the mangrove channels with your certified Paddle Fit instructors, and let the spectacular marine and birdlife that call this area home unfold around you. SUP surfing will thrill you with its adrenaline-packed action. In short, if it can be done on the water you’ll have a chance to experience it in this jam-packed action adventure. Explore the TCI’s beautiful beaches, and her off-the-beaten-path ecosystems in all their glory. You may even get a chance to spot whales and dolphins at play as you paddle board, or meet the iguanas of Iguana island!

Breathe in the singular atmosphere and culture of the Turks and Caicos

If the unique culture of the area calls to you, you’ll also have time to explore the sights of the two main islands and the many remnants of the salt industry and plantations that once thrived in the area. Learn more about the domestic fishing trade that boosts the economy of the area, and meet the friendly locals and learn more about their lives on the islands too. Allow the glory of one of the last unspoilt areas of the Caribbean, free from the hectic demands of high tourism, to refresh your soul, then challenge yourself against her flat seas and trade winds. Where else in the world can you stand on a Caribbean beach, stand up paddle board lapping in the water next to you, and be virtually alone as you celebrate catching the perfect downwinder and riding it the whole way? Your only difficulty will be leaving it to go back home! Be sure to bring your camera to capture every moment of the trip to share with friends and loved ones.

Use this unique stand up paddle boarding retreat to hone your skills under the guidance of Kalama Kamp guides who have mastered the waves as few others can. If you’d like to know a little more about the 2017 Kalama Kamp experience, you can find out more here… or simply drop us a line today and ensure you’re part of the 2018 line-up! Big Blue Collective is happy to answer any questions you may have, and help you craft the perfect SUP experience within the beautiful confines of the TCI National Park.

It’s Not Too Late to Sign Up for Kalama Kamp 2017!

9th October 2017 3:11 pm

Big Blue Collective is proud to partner with Dave Kalama for his annual Kalama Kamp. This year marks the 7th installment of the weeklong Kalama Kamp Turks and Caicos beginning on October 7, and ending on October 14.

What Is Kalama Kamp?

Kalama Kamp is magical weeklong event that is led by Dave Kalama where you can become a better stand up paddleboarder in one of the best paddling locations in the world. The Turks and Caicos are a group of islands in the Caribbean that is surrounded by calm, crystal clear blue water. It’s an amazing experience any avid stand up paddleboarding enthusiast should sign up for.

This year’s Kalama Kampers will be hosted in Private Villa accommodations.


All prices are shown in USD. An additional 4.166% sales tax will added to your total.

  • Single Occupancy (King Bed, private bathroom): $4950
  • Double Occupancy (King Bed, private bathroom) with a single Kalama Kamp participant: $2200
  • Double Occupancy (King Bed, private bathroom) with both people participating: $4700 per person
  • On island resident rate / no accommodation (full course, 2 meals per day) $3000
  • On island resident rate / no accommodation (half course, 1 meals per day) $1600
  • Deposit : $500

What’s Included:

  • A selection of stand up paddleboards, paddles, hydration packs and leashes
  • Boat support where needed (i.e.: on the waves/ reef, for down winders and “backcountry” safaris)
  • Luxury Private Villa accommodations with pool
  • All meals provided by our private local in-house chef (except two lunches and one fish fry dinner excursion)
  • All local accommodation taxes included
  • Airport transfers and land transport

What’s Not Included:

  • Flights. Guests must make their own flight arrangements to Providenciales (PLS)
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks available at cost at Villa
  • Gratuity for guides

Who is Dave Kalama?

Dave Kalama is a waterman, pure and simple. He is a watersport celebrity who has a following in big wave surfing, stand up paddleboarding, windsurfing, outrigger canoe racing, and more. He frequently partners with longtime friend and fellow big wave surfing pioneer, Laird Hamilton, to promote the watersports.

Kalama’s resume is densely packed with major accomplishments, including:

  • Co-developing of the big wave surfing technique of tow-in surfing
  • Promoting and mastering stand up paddleboarding, an ancient Hawaiian mode of water transportation and watersport
  • Taking on increasingly longer solo paddle events between various Hawaiian islands
  • Co-developing foil surfing
  • Being awarded the Beacon Award at the Maui Film Festival for “helping to revive the surf film genre”
  • Being featured in big wave riding films and photographs while riding the largest ocean waves in recorded history
  • Appearing in the opening sequence of the James Bond film, Die Another Day

There Are Still Spots Remaining!

Don’t miss out on a stand up paddleboarding experience of a lifetime. With just a few spots remaining, you can still sign up for this year’s Kalama Kamp!


Email to inquire for more information or visit to sign up!