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There is a difference when joining our Big Blue Collective. There always has been. We started to be different and do it differently to the “others”. 

For us it was always about the environment, the experience, the adventure, the moment and most of all small groups. Some days are better than others for some things and some days are only bad for some activities. Some places are only truly accessible and amazing at certain times. Our local knowledge of deciding where and when to go is always done while balancing the current conditions with the expectations and comfort level of our guests. Many of our best experiences happen precisely because we are open and ready for anything to happen and are prepared to take advantage of the opportunities natures’ random magic presents us with.

We are driven by our collective passion to connect and interact with the watery world that surrounds us and makes up every part of these islands we call home. In one way shape or form we love to get out there; be it underwater on the reef, out in the open ocean with dolphins, paddling deep in the mangroves, using the wind to ride across the turquoise flats or missioning on a boat to some remote island.

Sharing our love for of these islands is what drives us to improve, learn and evolve year on year. We are guides at heart, committed to showing you the absolute best these islands have to offer. We know where, to go, when to go and where to find the magic. Above all else, we love what we do.


Join us. Experience the difference. Escape the ordinary.

Pioneers, Innovators and Originators

When choosing us, you are choosing to go with TCI’s genuine pioneers and innovators. We spearheaded eco tours, small group diving and snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding and kiteboarding, offering a different level in instruction, education and experiences in the process.

Our innovative spirit has allowed us to be the first company to:

*use outboard 4 stroke out board engines (less noise, less pollution),

*offer boat trips on power catamarans,

*make bio-degradable reef safe sunscreen mandatory on all our trips

*eliminate single use plastic bottles, cups, plates from our tours.

From day one our desire was not just to be different but think different. Since our inception we wanted to explore these islands like no other by putting the environment and the experience above all else.

This is still our guiding force.Eco tours, small groups and safety are a direct consequence of those two factors, the environment and the experience and a direct response to the large group and cattle boat mentality. 

There are still spots we have yet scoped out and experiences we yearn for. As long as we feel there are new places to check out, adventures to be had and guests who, like us, want to see more, learn and explore, the journey will continue.

It’s the feeling of the search and the passion for discovery that never gets old. It’s what keeps us young, motivated and above all passionate. Be water my friend.

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