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Which are the best hotels in Grace Bay Turks and Caicos?

There are many great hotels in the Grace Bay area.  We would recommend Seven Stars, Grace Bay Club or Gansevoort.  Seven Stars and Grace Bay Club are walking distance to amenities such as shopping, groceries and other restaurants.  While the Gansevoort is further way from these options, it can have less crowding on the beach as it is away from the main line of resorts.

Which are the top beach resorts on Turks and Caicos?

There are two fantastic exclusive beach resorts in TCI. Amanyara is on the West Coast of Providenciales and offers plenty of privacy and exclusivity. Parrot Cay is located on the islands of Parrot Cay, a short 30 minute ferry ride from Providenciales. This resort is also very exclusive. Grace Bay beach has been rated #1 in the Caribbean for 10 years running. The resorts we would recommend in this are would be Gansevoort, Grace Bay Club and Sevel Stars. Each have restaurants on site, pools and spa.

Which are the best hotels in Turks and Caicos?

The famous Grace Bay area has a good number of hotels running the length of the beach.  Two of the best high end resorts that we recommend are the Gansevoort and Grace Bay Club.  Both offer beautiful accommodations, spas and activities and have beach front rooms to penthouses.

Which is the best Turks and Caicos family resort?

We would recommend Grace Bay Club as this resort offers many kids activities, they have a kids club and a camp in the summer time.

Where should we stay in Turks and Caicos?

All the Turks and Caicos Islands have great things to offer. Providenciales has the most options for restaurants and activities.  Grand Turk is where the cruise ships enter and is just a short flight away if you want to include a day over there.  Salt Cay is a great location during whale season. Whales can often be spotted while sitting and enjoying a meal.  South Caicos has recently been developed with two beautiful resorts, so this can be an option for something different and quiet. Parrot Cay holds the famed resort and offers exclusivity. While being the only resort on the cay, options for activities and dining in other restaurants can prove to have some logistical issues in getting back to Providenciales if you are not doing private charter activities.

What is the best place to stay in Turks and Caicos for couples?

The Gansevoort is located on Grace Bay beach and is a great option for couples. There is a wonderful relaxing spa onsite and daily activates such as Yoga. For even more privacy and getting away from it all both Amanyara and Parrot Cay offer this. Amanyara is located on the west Coast of Providenciales and is quite secluded away from everything. Parrot Cay Resort is on the exclusively on Parrot Cay.  No other resorts are on the island, but there are several villas available for rent as well.

Are there homes for rent in Turks and Caicos?

Yes. There are many villas and apartments located all around Providenciales. Depending on what you are looking for we can help you with options to suit your needs.


Where is the best place to learn to kitesurf/kiteboard in the world?

Long Bay beach on Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands. Perfect cross on shore winds. Miles of warm shallow, waist deep water with a stunning beach.

What makes your kiteboarding trips so unique?

Kiteboarding is a beautiful sport that opens up the ocean and seas in a whole new way. See places others don’t and can’t and ride areas that one can only see with a kite. All one needs is wind.

How long does it take to kiteboard?

It varies. However, people often experience their first ride within the first 3-5 hours. To be a competent rider takes a little time but 2 weeks solid is about normal.

I'm looking for a vacation to learn to kiteboard, how do I book?

You email us your wishes and desires and we suggest options that might suit you best for both accommodates and lessons as well as adventures.

Can I see some Kitesurfing Turks and Caicos reviews?

Sure! View our reviews page on this site or on TripAdvisor and see how many people have a great time with us learning to kitesurf on the Turks and Caicos.

Do I need to buy my own kiteboarding equipment?

It is not essential to buy your own gear as we have the latest and greatest rental gear

What parts of the body will I use the most when learning to kiteboard?

Strangely, Kiteboarding is not a muscle sport. It is about finesse. Competent riders use their leg muscles and when jumping, the abs come into play.

Do you offer beginner, intermediate and advanced kitesurfing training?

We offer the full gambit of instruction from beginner through to advanced.

What type of kiteboarding activities do you provide?

We offer lessons for new riders, instruction on more advanced techniques and we also offer kiteboarding adventures, safaris and downwinders

Can the whole family learn to Kiteboard with you?

Yes. It is an ideal family sport. Kids as young as 8-10 years old to adults up to 70+. It is fun very much like snow skiing.

Do I need any particular skills to learn to kiteboard?

Essentially the biggest skill set is patience but outside of that it is an understanding of the wind, kite handling and board control

Can I obtain any certificates from my kiteboarding experience?

Yes. One can obtain an IKO certification which indicates one’s skill level and with that other schools and instructors can ascertain what level one is at.

Do I need to take lessons to learn kiteboarding?

Absolutely yes..! It is an extreme sport and can be dangerous if you don’t know what to do in certain situations. Our instructors are trained to keep you safe the whole time while pushing your progression.

Is it difficult to learn?

No, it isn’t a difficult sport to pick up, and with our highly experienced instructors and ideal safe location on Long Bay it makes it even easier to learn.

Do you have to be strong and fit?

No, it is a technique and skill based sport requiring minimal strength, of course some level of fitness and coordination will definitely help to progress faster. Kite every day and you’ll get in shape though:-) It’s a great way to keep fit and to enjoy the beauty and power of nature.

Is there an age limit to learn?

Not really, as long as the student is physically able and able to take instructions then we’re good.

What equipment do I need to kitesurf?

A kite, board, harness, control bar and lines, pump, (life jacket and helmet if needed), water, sunscreen, and a rash guard or wetsuit if you get cold. We provide all the kit needed apart from sunscreen which we recommend highly using biodegradable and non toxic so as to help protect our oceans.

What time of day is best to take a lesson?

We run our lessons 2-3 hours either side of low-tide, affording us waist deep water with no waves. This enables us to run super safe lessons and be next to our students the whole time ensuring fast and safe progression

Is it dangerous?

Kiteboarding is an extreme sport and as with any activity risks are involved. That is why we pride ourselves on making safety paramount to help the student feel comfortable and in control.

How long does it take to learn?

We recommend taking a minimum of 3 lessons to make sure you get the most out of the instruction stage of this sport. We offer a fantastic 7hr package (3 lessons) which for the majority of people takes them from zero to well on the way to being an independent and safe kiteboarder.

What is the difference between kitesurfing and kiteboarding?

There is really no difference.  The terms are used interchangeably.   However, some people may consider kitesurfing to be kiting in waves

Will my windsurfing or surfing skills help me learn kitesurfing?

Yes, a little.  Any board sports will help you with board control.  However, about 80% of the learning is handling the kite. So we focus on these skills before attempting to ride.

Can I rent kiteboarding equipment?

Yes, but only if you are IKO certified level 3. If you don’t have a certification we provide a 30min assessment to ensure you are safe and able to rent.


What is your cancellation policy?

As we specialize in small group activities, our cancellation policy is quite strict, though we offer full or partial refunds if cancellations occur with more than a week’s notice. View our full policy here.

What do you need to book?

We take your information including credit card then will email you an authorization form to confirm.  A valid credit card will be required.

Is my card charged at the time of booking?

Yes, pre-bookings before arrival are charged once we receive the signed confirmation back from you.

Can I make a booking online?

Yes, we encourage you to book online in advance for better options and availability.

What if the weather is bad?

Unfortunately sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate.  Big Blue will contact you to reschedule or cancel your trip if the weather is unsafe to go out in.  There would be no cancellation charge in this case if you are not able to reschedule

Is there a discount for booking more than one trip?

Yes.  If you book 3 or more adventures with us directly by phone or online, we extend a discount on your entire invoice.

What credit cards do you accept?

We can take Visa, MasterCard or Discover.


Where do your charters run from?

90% of our charters start and leave from our office in Leeward. We do offer pick up and drop off at various villas and hotels with their own docks or good beach access as well.

Can I charter a boat for anything?

Just about. We can dive, kite, snorkel, paddleboard, kayak, island hop from our charters. It really depends on what you want to do or have in mind. Charters are our specialty.

Do you offer dive charters?

Yes. Absolutely. Especially for small groups of 2 – 10

When we charter a boat can we explore the islands?

Of course. We love exploring the islands and want to share their secrets and beauty with you.

Do you offer guided Turks and Caicos excursions?

All our tours are guided. How detailed you want to get is up to you.

What are the catering options when chartering a boat?

We offer snacks and lunch on all our charters. Menus can be customized to suit your palette and desires. Alcohol is also available.

What type of boats do you have?

We have a variety of beautiful vessels: 54′ Sea Ray (XS) – luxury, 48′ Intrepid (Serenity) Luxury/ adventure – 44′ Africat (Whitesands) Luxury(bigger groups), 40′ Bellecraft (Live & Direct) our 4×4 Adventurer, 2 x 30′ World cats – Small group charter and adventurers

Do you offer simple boat rental?

We do offer bareboat charters BUT all our vessels come with a Captain and crew.

Where is best for Turks and Caicos sailing?

We can direct you to one or two sailing charter companies, depending of you want large or small groups.

Why choose Big Blue for Turks and Caicos boat rental?

Our captains, guides, knowledge and vessels are second to none. We know the islands better than anyone else. We are true explorers, pioneers and dedicated marine professionals always looking to find places away from the crowds, the best wildlife encounters under optimal conditions suited to your dreams and imagination.


Where are the best dive sites on Turks and Caicos?

That is a very tricky question. Many sites on any given day can be the best site in the TCI. We try to take you to the best sites whenever we can taking into consideration your experience, expectations while also paying close attention to weather, wind and tides.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

No. We have loads of excellent gear from the best brands. If you do bring your own gear then we are able to offer you a discount on your diving.

Can I do diving without a certificate?

Yes. This can be done by participating in our PADI Discover course which one can do prior to diving in the open water under direct supervision of the instructor.

Would you consider TCI one of the top diving spots?

Absolutely. The TCI have been a divers delight for decades.

Why are the Turks and Caicos one of the top diving destinations in the Caribbean?

Amazing visibility and water clarity. Stunning drop offs and walls and for the most part very healthy soft and hard corals with lots and lots of marine life.

Do you offer group diving?

Yes. Although we do specialize in small groups up to 10, we can go bigger with extra boats.

Do you offer one-on-one diving sessions or instruction?

Yes. We do this a lot either as guides or instructors or both.

Do you limit bottom times?

No. absolutely not. We allow divers to use their tank to the maximum as long as diving within safe recreational limits.

How much dive experience do you have?

We have perhaps the most combined diving experience in the TCI. Combined well over 150 years!

Can I charter dive boats for our group of divers?

We do offer boats for charter for groups of divers. Indeed this is our preferred way of diving with our guests. Everything becomes so much easier.

Can you guarantee diving on a particular day?

We wish and we try. Weather can really mess things around but for the most part we dive as much as we can.

Can I train and take my PADI certificate with you?

Yes. We certify divers from beginner PADI open water all the way through to Dive master.

What sort of marine life am I likely to see?

From the smallest decorator crabs, schooling snapper to bottle nosed dolphins, reef shark, rays and an abundance of turtles the TCI have amazing marine life both in the deep and in the shallows. Some areas are better for different types of life. Tell us what you hope to see and we will show you the goods.

Do you offer 1st tank dives?

Yes we do. They are usually scheduled in the afternoons or as a specialty when doing a night dive.

Can you guide me on more experienced dives?

Absolutely. We love taking divers to experienced sites where more skill might be needed.

Eco Tours

Why are they called 'eco-tours'?

Eco-tour is short for ecologically minded tours and generally refers to educational tours that view wildlife and/or learn about local history & culture and keep environmental impact to a minimum.

Will my tour impact the Island ecologically?

Big Blue has designed tours and behaves in a manner that does not impact the ecology of the islands. Specifically this means not interfering with the flora or fauna, feeding wildlife, using non-biodegradable sunscreen, or making a lot of noise.

Will my trip have a positive impact on the Island?

Many of the Big Blue eco-tours support local conservation programs and local services. The cost of the tour may include entrance fees to historical and/or conservation sites, the hiring of local derives/guides, the purchase of meals or refreshments in local restaurants & shops. Big Blue is the only operator that insists on it’s staff and clients using biodegradable sunscreen which does not negatively impact the water quality around coral reefs. This policy helps to increase and spread positive environmental education, awareness and best practices.

What do I need to bring on the Eco Tours of Turks and Caicos?

Bio-degradable sunscreen, wide brim hat, rash guard or sun protective shirt, shorts or wrap to protect your legs, sunglasses (preferably polarized), swim towel,  camera to record your experience and a positive attitude.


Am I allowed to go fishing in Turks and Caicos?

Yes. You must purchase a fishing license. It is not permitted to fish in National Marine parks or Nature Reserves.

Is bone fishing possible on Turks and Caicos?

Yes. There are numerous fly-fishing operators on Providenciales, North Caicos and South Caicos. Self-guided bone fishing is also permitted but not in National Marine parks or Nature Reserves.

Where can I find fishing charters on Turks and Caicos?

Fishing Charters are available on Providenciales, North Caicos, South Caicos and Grand Turk.

Do I need a special fishing license on Turks and Caicos?

Yes. A fishing license provided by the Dept. Environmental and Coastal Resources costs $12 for one week or $30 for a month. Only commercial fishing operators may conduct fishing charters.


What is a Kalama Kamp?

Kalama Kamp started as a dedicated paddleboard weeklong clinic and has evolved into a consummate Turks & Caicos adventure. Dave Kalama (the paddleboard pioneer) teamed up with head guide, Philip of Big Blue, to showcase paddle boarding as not only a sport but also a way of life. In so doing kampers are introduced to the possibilities of where paddling can take one but also how it can allow a seamless integration with nature.

What ages is the Kalama Kamp suitable for?

best suited for adults as days can be long.

Is it only for experienced paddlers and surfers?

absolutely not. That is the beauty of the kamp. It is for everyone beginner or expert and we want to keep it that way.

What is the main aim for the Kalama Kamp?

to have fun, to make better paddle boarders, adventure, learn, explore and experience the absolute best of the TCI

Do you offer Kalama Klinics also?

During the season all our SUP eco tours have basic instruction based on the Kalama techniques

What is included in the Kalama Kamp?

Everything except alcohol and flights


How experienced do I need to be to come and kayak with you on TCI?

Beginners are welcome on 1/2-day trips. Intermediate paddlers can do all the 1/2 and full-day kayak tours. There longer range opportunities for advanced paddlers

Do you offer full kayak vacations or just day trips?

Most visitors do 1/2 or full-day trips. Multi-day kayak trips are available with a guide or self-guided.

Can my family and I hire kayaks from you for the day?

Yes: by the hour, 1/2-day or full-day

Where can we Kayak safely on Turks and Caicos?

The Princess Alexandra Nature Reserve next to Providenciales is a safe place to paddle.

What do I need to bring and wear kayaking with you?

Wear a hat, rash guard (long sleeve shirt), bathing suit. Bring biodegradable sunscreen and water shoes or sandals

Will you collect us from our hotel or guest house?

Complimentary pick-up included in Grace Bay area for guided tours. Guests at rental villas outside of this area or renting kayaks only need to make their own way to Big Blue.

Do you prefer small or large groups for kayaking?

All Big Blue guided trips are small groups with a maximum of 8 on all kayak tours


Where can I find car rentals on Turks and Caicos?

Big Blue can arrange a rental car for you and works with Grace Bay Car Rentals on Providenciales and Silver A La Car on North Caicos

Where can I find house rentals on Turks and Caicos?

Big Blue can recommend a house or villa rental on Providenciales, mostly in the Leeward and Long Bay areas.

Where can I find scooter rentals on Turks and Caicos?

Paradise Scooters

Which are the best luxury villas for rent on Turks and Caicos?

Amazing Grace, Hawk’s Bill, Awa, Coral House, Shamabala and Stargazer are the best luxury villas to rent in the Turks and Caicos


Where is the best snorkeling on the Turks and Caicos?

The best snorkeling is on the offshore barrier reef between Providenciales and Fort George Cay, on the outer reef along the edge of the Caicos Banks, near South Caicos. There is good snorkeling in the Turks Islands near Gibbs Cay and Salt Cay.

Do you offer 'Snuba'


I am not very experienced at swimming, is snorkeling for me?

We recommend that you wear a snorkel vest and practice with mask, snorkel and fins in a swimming pool or in shallow water near the beach first. Snorkel lessons can be provided by Big Blue dive instructors.

What equipment do I need to snorkel?

A mask, snorkel and fins. Big Blue provides quality snorkel equipment on all guided snorkel tours an boat charters. If buying your own gear we recommend trying on / fitting a number of masks in the shop before choosing the right one and buying full heel fins for use in the tropics.

What size groups do you prefer to snorkel with you?

We prefer small groups. Big Blue snorkel tours and charters usually cater to a maximum of 8 people. The full-day ‘Edge of the Banks’ tour takes a maximum of 12 snorkelers on a 40ft power catamaran.

Can we take a charter to explore the islands?

Yes. Boat charters are available to explore around Providenciales, the nearby cays  and to the outer islands. Snorkeling is a popular part of all of these charters.

When is the best time to go Snorkeling on the Turks and Caicos?

The best time to snorkel is during a rising tide. The sea conditions can also dictate where is the best place to snorkel on a particular day.


Can I rent stand up paddle boards?

Yes. We have an excellent fleet of SUPs of all shapes and sizes for rental. We deliver or you can grab a board and explore.

Can I take paddle board lessons with you?

Yes. We do private lessons as well as basic instruction on all our SUP Eco Tours.

Who is paddle boarding suitable for?

Everyone young and old who doesn’t have a bad back, poor knees or is obese.

Do I need to bring my own paddle board?

No. We have an top notch fleet of boards.

What is there to do on a paddle board on the Turks and Caicos?

Explore. See. Adventure. The areas we take you in are teeming with and abundance of wildlife often best seen from a standing position of an SUP

Why paddle boarding?

It’s an easy sport and recreation that requires little skill level to really enjoy. It’s simple, quiet, eco friendly and allows for some amazing marine wildlife experiences, like seeing baby sharks, turtles, fish and many species of birdlife like Ospreys and Pelicans.

What does SUP mean?

Stand Up Paddle boarding

Where will we go paddle boarding on TCI?

In the nature reserves, mangroves tidal estuaries and swamps, over the reefs and along many stretches of beautiful coastlines where boats can’t get to.

Are there weight limits for paddle boarders?

Not really. But obesity makes life difficult and being too small and light (small children) can be problematic.

Is paddle boarding just in creeks or will we go onto the ocean?

Mainly in the protected waters of the creeks and mangroves national parks but on good weather days we will venture out into the lagoons towards the reef, especially when we SUP snorkel, which is an excellent summer tour/ adventure.

Things to do

What are the best things to do on Turks and Caicos

Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Stand-up Paddle boarding, Kite-Boarding, Sailing, Visit the out-islands, Walk along Grace Bay, Horseback riding, Eat local, Sunset Cocktails, Explore Provo in a rental car.

Which are the best attractions to visit on Turks and Caicos

Cheshire Hall, Junkanoo Museum, Little Water Cay (Iguana Island), Fort George Cay, Wade’s Green Plantation on North Caicos, Conch Bar Caves and Mudjin Harbor Beach on Middle Caicos, Lake Catherine and Yankee Town on West Caicos, French Cay bird sanctuary, South Caicos salt ponds, National Museum on Grand Turk, historical island of Salt Cay.

How is the best way to get around on Turks and Caicos

Explore Providenciales, North Caicos and Middle Caicos in a guided taxi tour or rental car, visit the islands and cays by boat or kayak, fly to South Caicos and the Turks Islands

Should I rent a car in Turks and Caicos

It helps to rent a car on Providenciales and is essential if renting a villa. It is not necessary to rent a car on South Caicos or Grand Turk.


When is hurricane season in Turks and Caicos?

Hurricane season runs June 1 through October 31st

When is the best time to travel to Turks and Caicos?

That totally depends on what you want to do, see or feel. Diving/ Kiting winter is arguably best. Paddling, exploring summer is best. Whales (jan-mar)

Which is the best month to visit Turks and Caicos?

If you want seclusion, then the low seasons. Before Thanksgiving, right after new years, early summer (may), late summer, August/ Sept.

What is the Turks and Caicos monthly weather pattern like?

If you want seclusion, then the low seasons. Before Thanksgiving, right after new years, early summer (may), late summer, August/ Sept.

We have 2 seasons essentially. Winter Dec -Apr and Summer June – Nov


Turks and Caicos weather in January

Cold front season. Ocean cools, water can be rougher, windy season


Turks and Caicos weather in February

Cold front season. Ocean cools, water can be rougher, windy season


Turks and Caicos weather in March

Cold front season. Ocean cools, water can be rougher, windy season


Turks and Caicos weather in April

end of winter season, wind begins to ease up


Turks and Caicos weather in May

Rainy month, change of season, ocean usally very flat.


Turks and Caicos weather in June

Long days, perfect trade winds


Turks and Caicos weather in July

Long days, perfect trade winds


Turks and Caicos weather in August

Long days, perfect trade winds


Turks and Caicos weather in September

hot, hot and flat calm – with occasional tropical storm and rare hurricanes


Turks and Caicos weather in October

hot, hot and flat calm – with occasional tropical storm and rare hurricanes


Turks and Caicos weather in November

hot, hot and flat calm – with occasional tropical storm and rare hurricanes


Turks and Caicos weather in December

cooling down, NE trade winds kicking in.

Whale Watching

Do you offer Humpback Whale watching?

We do. Rather than offer whale specific tours, which can be booked, we tailor our trips during whale season to allow for the greatest chance of seeing them. If we do find them, our trips then focus on the whales to see what might happen.

How long have you been running whale watching tours?

20 years

Do you offer whale watching in Grand Turk?

we don’t

How far in advance do we need to book whale watching?

pre bookings is the way to go. The further in advance the better as whale season is also our high season (Jan-Mar)

Can kids come whale watching?


Can kids come whale watching?

the same as any other excursion. Sunscreen, hats, a warm top. We provide the rest.

Can I take photographs?

Definitely, although easier said than done. For top side 70-200mm is ideal and underwater, wide angle is best.

Can I dive with the Whales?

The question is will whales dive with you. We have on occasion been lucky enough to encounter them during our dives BUT it is very rare.

Are your tours ecologically friendly?

We try to be as respectful to the animals as possible adhering to whale watching guidelines as used on the Silver Banks (Dominican Republic) – soft in water. Our belief is that it is the whale that dictates the encounters, we can only enhance that possibility by behaving well.

Do the whales mind us being so near them?

Depends on the animal. Some love it, some are not interested and others hate it.


Is it safe to travel to Turks and Caicos?

Yes. But use common sense with valuables and locking doors

Which are the best honeymoon resorts on Turks and Caicos?

Parrot Cay, Amanyara, Grace Bay Club and Sailrock

Should I plan a Turks and Caicos destination wedding?

yes, this is very popular and there are many professionals on Providenciales to help you achieve your dream destination wedding including wedding planners, caters, photographers. Big Blue can arrange boat charters, sunset cruises, luxury photographic opportunity and beach parties.

Which beach in Turks and Caicos should I have my wedding on?

Grace Bay beach is beautiful and the most convenient. Half Moon Bay provides a nearby destination on a uninhabited cay. Mudjin Harbor on Middle Caicos  provides a more boutique option in an amazing setting.

Are there sharks on Turks and Caicos?

Yes. Mainly we see Nurse Sharks and Reef Sharks, both of which do not bother swimmers, snorkelers or divers.

How do I visit the coral gardens on Turks and Caicos?

Drive to the Coral Gardens hotel in the Bight on Providenciales and walk to the beach along the public access from the car park just before the hotel entrance. Alternatively walk along Grace Bay beach from hotels on either side of the Coral Gardens reef area

Can I go horseback riding on Turks and Caicos?

Yes. There are three companies on Providenciales and one company on Grand Turk that offers horseback riding.

What are the best spots to go surfing on Turks and Caicos?

Sellar’s Cut, Leeward Cut or North-west Point on Providenciales or the NW Reef of Grand Turk.