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Mandatory On All Our Trips.

We introduced bio-degradable sun screen to the islands in 2010/11 and have not looked back. Biodegradable sunscreens are better for the reefs and better for your skin. A win win.

Always wear UV protective clothing – hats, rash guards, neckies Be vigilant between 10am-4pm Extra careful with kids Apply sun screen liberally

UVB rays cause the burn and can cause skin cancer.
This is what SPF refers to.
UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin and cause ageing

Zinc Dioxide is the only true physical blocker sitting on the skin scattering UVA/ UVB rays. Titanium Oxide, not as effective, does still absorb and scatter UV light and radiation. The Zinc mineral stays on the skin and is not absorbed like harmful chemicals.

Our reefs are dying. 14 tonnes of chemicals found in sunscreen enter the ocean every year. While only part of the problem they are a part we can solve. As little as 1 drop of oxybenzone in 6.5 olympic sized swimming pools is enough to cause an adverse effect in corals.

They are so many misleading brands out there calling themselves “reef safe” or “eco friendly” and still harmful.