Position: Chef de Cuisine, Sous-Chef

Darline moved to TCI from Port Au Prince, Haiti, in 2009 upon graduation from high school and after vacationing in Providenciales. As Big Blue grew as a company, so did its need for more snacks and meals for excursions. That’s where Darline fit right in. Word got around on island about her famous pasta salad, and Mark and Phillip knew she was the woman for the job. Darline is dedicated to providing delicious (brownies and muffins) and nutritious (pineapple and cantaloupe) for every Big Blue trip as well as preparing her specialty: chicken satay and couscous, for private charters. In her spare time, Darline enjoys relaxing at the movies. She aspires to someday own her own restaurant, however, in the meantime she’ll continue to make sure all Big Blue guests have full bellies. Note: Darline refuses to cook peas n rice and fried chicken for Big Blue staff.