Master Scuba Diver Trainer/ Marine Scientist/ Boat Captain/ Cave Diver/ Rebreather-CCR and Trimix Diver/ First Aid

Mark is the co-founder of Big Blue Collective and has been integral to Big Blue’s growth and reputation over the last 12 years. He hails from West Sussex in the UK and has been diving since 1988. He first came to the TCI in 1994 where he completed his divemaster together with Philip. He returned in 1996 and worked at the Caicos Conch Farm as an intern. His background in Marine Sciences was obtained from Bangor University, Wales.

Mark conducted Big Blue’s very first EcoTour in 1997 on a 17 foot Boston Whaler and quickly realised that kayaks were the only way to go. Under his guidance, leadership and infectious enthusiasm our Eco Adventure programs have become a winner spread across the archipelago of the TCI.

Mark is also a very accomplished cave and technical diver and spearheaded the Caicos Caves project that resulted in him appropriately finding a new species to science. His ability has put him into the bottom of the deepest caves as well as being a key safety diver during Tanya Streeter’s world records. Operating under pressure at over 300 feet is no problem for Mark.

Mark has a major passion for adventure, exploring and the intricacies of all things small, tiny and microscopic. Quite apart from being a keen kayaker, caver and scuba diver with over 3000+ dives, he is also an avid sailor with serious experience in regattas, an excellent freediver and part timer football player who has been known to dabble in kiteboarding from time to time.