Paul aka “Style”

Master Scuba Diver Trainer / Eanx / Rebreather certified- CCR / DAN O2 / First Aid/ Boat Captain

Having lived, worked and dived in Europe, The Red Sea and Indian Ocean, Paul arrived in TCI in 1994 with every intention of just visiting for a while. Thanks to world-class wall diving and friendly natives he found himself accidently staying for a while longer. Paul joined Big Blue Collective in Jan 2000 as dive instructor, boat captain and tour guide. Paul is one half of the “Style and Fashion” team that with Philip helped pioneer Big Blue’s adventurous diving during the day while designing ads and websites by night. In 2007 he slid into the role of Maintenance Manager and is now in charge of ensuring Big Blue’s fleet looks pretty and stays afloat. His outside interests include applying band-aids to knuckles and removing grease from pores. Paul is married with 2 “potcakes” and lives in “Veeland” down road “behind” glass shack.