best Caribbean Island to visit at any time of the year

Weather. It’s the thing that can make or break a travel experience. You don’t want to head to the north for a white Christmas and find sunny skies waiting. Nor do you want to head to a Caribbean beach and find only drizzly rain to greet you. Fortunately, the TCI has your back! The Turks and Caicos are, by far, the best Caribbean Island to visit year-round. Today the Big Blue Collective takes a look at why.

  1. The crowds are not so crowded: Peak season isn’t a pain

There’s no getting around it: the Caribbean is a popular holiday destination. In some more frequented travel locations, this can mean standing room only at the beach! No one wants to waste a precious minute of their holidays, let alone spend them looking for parking or a spot on the beach. That said, venturing too far away from the beaten path can be a pain all of its own. From poor infrastructure to stressful navigation and a lack of amenities, being too much ‘in the wild’ doesn’t suit most people’s holiday needs.

The Turks and Caicos offer the perfect blend of ‘well known’ and ‘off the beaten track’. You won’t find the crowds thronging the beaches, even at the height of our peak season. There’s even a few beaches on the more remote islands where you may well be the only person there! Yet you will still find a convenient international airport, easy airline access, and a host of accommodation to suit any budget. Eco-tourists will find plenty of unspoiled vistas, while resort-lovers have a selection to choose from. The TCI offers a little of everything- and that includes a calm peak season. That’s just one of the reasons the Turks and Caicos are the perfect holiday destination.

2. The weather never really varies: All seasons are in

You often hear ‘peak’ and ‘off-peak’ used to describe the TCI. Or, perhaps, the ‘hot’ and ‘cool’ seasons. While there is a slight rise in temperature in summer, and a drop in winter, there’s very little difference overall compared to most travel destinations.

In fact, the winter season is actually the peak season in the Turks and Caicos! That’s because summer can be a little hotter, and what rain we receive tends to fall in the summer months. Winters, by contrast, are only a few degrees cooler, and the water is still warm and welcoming. There’s not much of a temperature spread at all. Annual temperatures only fluctuate between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (or 29-34 degrees Celsius). Water temperature is only a little lower.

The TCI also has almost year-round cooling breezes in the form of the Trade Winds. This helps keep everything fresh and balmy. So, while summer is a little hotter and a touch more humid, it’s still a fantastic holiday season. Where else in the world can you enjoy fun in the sun year-round? Just another reason the TCI is the best Caribbean destination there is.

3. Hurricane season typically behaves

Hurricanes are a fact of life on an island. It’s just part of the natural weather cycle that comes with smaller land masses. Of course, hurricanes are to be taken seriously, too. However, while the Turks and Caicos have seen their share of ‘mean’ Hurricanes over the decades, we’ve been remarkably luck in comparison to other Caribbean destinations. Whilst the ‘official’ hurricane season runs June- November, we typically don’t see much more than a squall or two. This comparative lack of strenuous hurricane activity is another reason we’re happy to call the Turks and Caicos the best Caribbean islands around.

4. You can always rely on the water

Part of the mystique of visiting the Caribbean is enjoying the wealth of wind- and water sports. Who can resist the allure of exploring the secret landscape of the world’s third largest barrier reef as colourful fishes flit around you? Or watching stingray flash underneath your board as you try your hand at stand up paddle boarding? Taming the winds from the back of a kiteboard? All this (and much more) awaits you in the Turks and Caicos. Perching on a natural underwater ‘shelf’, the islands have year-round flat, calm waters that are perfect for any number of waterborne activities. Always naturally warm ( the water temperature lags behind daytime temperature by only a few degrees) and pleasant, this is a paradise for water-babies everywhere. Yet another reason the Turks and Caicos are the best islands in the Caribbean!

5. Rich history and richer nature

The TCI has been inhabited a long time. While we don’t know much about the prehistoric people who left tantalizing traces of their presence, we do know tons about her more recent history. Romantic images of nestled plantations now explorable as ruins dominate the imagination. Or pick up traces of the salt-farming industries that once flourished here. Dig deeper, and you’ll find pirates, pioneers and so much more to delight you.

Or simply head out onto the back islands and enjoy the pristine views of unspoilt nature. Through our fascinating eco-tours you can explore landscapes virtually untouched by man. Let the spirit of nature refresh and renew your spirits in some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world.

The Turks and Caicos is definitely a top contender for the title of ‘best Caribbean island to visit’. Keen to see for yourself? Why not let Big Blue Collective carve you the perfect Caribbean adventure today?